Social List Growth Leveraging Social Networks to Grow Your Mailing List

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Social List Growth: Leveraging Social Networks to Grow Your Mailing List

Social networks have far more value than simply keeping up with family and friends. For the business owner there are many benefits that can be found through social networks. One of these is the ability to grow your mailing list. If you run a business then you know the power that your mailing list can bring. It serves as both a marketing tool for your products or services and as a way to show others the value of your business. Both can increase your revenue substantially. This means having a good list is imperative. That is why you should take advantage of the power that social networks hold in achieving this goal.

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When you belong to various social networks you have the ability to truly connect with customers and clients. You can let them see the personal side of your business as you interact with them throughout the day. It also allows you to see what they think and feel. You can know instantly what your customers want to see. But that is not the only power that comes from these sites. Now you can utilize them to help grow that very important mailing list. There are a variety of ways that you can do this without becoming a pest or a hassle to your friends and followers.

The biggest thing to remember is that they will quickly sign up if they feel it offers them something in return. Take the opportunity on these social sites to advertise what they will receive in exchange for doing so. Can you give them a free coupon or discount? Do you have a product that you are offering to those who subscribe? Maybe there is a newsletter packed with the latest deals and information. Whatever it is, advertise it regularly. Those who like to get something for free will be quick to sign up and even tell their friends about it. The same is true for contest entries. Give something away and require they sign up to participate. You will be surprised at the number of people that join instantly.

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You can also set it that those who visit your page are taken instantly to a page to sign up. Many will do so simply because of your business reputation. This is a quick and easy way to bring in new people and also promote what you are offering to them. Social networks are being used every day as a business tool and you should take advantage of them as well.

The fact is that you need a strong mailing list. Not all of that will come directly from your site. Social networks hold a lot of power for businesses because many people will check their social networks long before they will visit websites. If you utilize this avenue you can easily expand the size of your list without much effort. In the meantime you are also increasing your reputation by adding a personal touch to the business that your customers and clients already know.


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  1. Mike

    This is very interesting. I’ve always been a big supporter of the power of Social Media. I think using your social media is a great way to do many things in addition to building a mailing list. It’s just a great way to get your name out there in general, and expand your audience.

  2. Gorman

    Social media is the way of the future. It’s a fact. If you’re not on social media, or if you are on it but you’re not utilizing it properly, then you are surely missing out on all it has to offer, and you need to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

    1. Anon

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Very astute.

    2. Chris

      Haha that is solid.

    3. Jony

      That’s a powerful statement, but I think you and this article are definitely on to something here.

  3. Liz

    I like to think of Social Networks for businesses as an interactive advertisement. And when you think about it, what could be better? Not only are you able to connect to your fans/customers, but you can build your following through their connections, AND THE BEST PART is that you can INTERACT with all of the above, and make a lasting impression with posts as reminders.

    1. Anon

      That’s the true power is connection, personal connection. If you can be someone’s ‘friend’, that gives you access to all of their friends, and all of their friends’ friends. It’s truly incredible. And a friend is more likely to buy your product than a stranger…

    2. Dana

      This is so true, I never thought about it like that! I really need to get caught up with the times..

    3. Anon

      Yes, you do. :)

  4. Buysellwordpress

    I also think that the combination of a mailing list and social media can be very effective for every business, especially online one. That’s very nice of you that you decided to write an article devoted to this topic

  5. Michelle

    I agree with this entirely, except that I think you’re limiting yourself if you’re only utilizing social networks for mailing lists. If anything I think social networks should be replacing mailing lists!

    1. Mitch

      This may be true, but you certainly don’t want to limit yourself. It could be that some people respond to social media and some to a mailing list, you I would say it’s always better to do more than less; try to get them from all angles so to speak.

    2. Michelle

      You may be right, young man! I shouldn’t rule anything out.

  6. Samie

    Always offer free stuff. It gets them every time!

    1. Liz


  7. Jony

    This is very cool, I guess I knew I needed to be on social media, but hadn’t thought to use it for mailing list purposes.

  8. Sarah

    I definitely agree on using different medias to benefit others. It’s almost like you have to be using all different forms of internet connection with people to have the full effect. It’s not enough to just have Facebook, you must also have Twitter and LinkedIn, and mailing lists, otherwise you will surely miss out on a key group of people.

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