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The time will come when you just can’t think of anything to blog about. And the harder you try, the worse it gets. When that happens, what’s the best way to come up with a great blog post? Think of your blog as a social setting, a place where people exchange ideas and debate hot issues. And what’s the best way to find out what people are talking about? Read other blogs.

When you’re having a face-to-face conversation with a friend you probably spend a few minutes telling him what you’ve been up to lately, and then he does the same for you. You’re giving each other information, much like one of your informative blog posts. This exchange of information is an important part of your relationship but, after awhile, too much straight information can get boring and dull.

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But then, when you get past this information-sharing stage, you start discussing that information, exchanging opinions and ideas, sometimes even having heated debates. This is where your conversation becomes exciting. This is “socializing” and it’s also a powerful communication method for your blog.

When you can’t think of any new information to write about, start a different kind of conversation. Think “Socialize” and start exchanging ideas and asking questions to encourage debate. For example, if you recently wrote a blog post about the benefits of socialized medicine, you might follow it up with a post that shows your opinion and asks what your readers think.

This becomes even more powerful if you start a discussion about a current hot topic, maybe even something you’ve never discussed on your blog. (Of course, you’ll still want to stay relevant to your blog topic.)

The next time you’re having trouble writing don’t even bother going to your blog. Instead, go on a tour of other blogs in your niche and see what everyone’s talking about today. What’s the hot button issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind? Read those blog posts so you understand all the various arguments and opinions and then start a discussion on your own blog.

Am I suggesting that you be controversial? Absolutely! There’s nothing like a heated debate to get a rise out of your readers and bring in an even larger audience. But before you can write a killer controversial blog post you have to make sure you understand both sides of the issue so you can present a valid argument. Otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for some pretty nasty comments.

If you regularly read lots of other blogs in your niche you’ll always know what the hot-button topics are and you’ll easily recognize a controversial issue when it pops up. On those days when I have trouble writing the first thing I do is cruise my favorite blogs and look for an interesting argument. I don’t even bother trying to find something new and “informative” to share with my readers – I just go for the hot-button issues and start writing.

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    Never thought of searching for hot topics, and then writing a post. Will definitely keep that in mind!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment

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