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Sneeze Page: Push Your Visitors To Read Older Content

Did you ever think of creating a sneeze page and sending readers to those great posts that have rotated into your archives?

If you’ve been blogging for a year or more you probably have a few hundred posts on your blog but the only ones your visitors see are the 10 or 12 you have showing on your homepage. The rest are languishing in your archives and nobody ever reads them because they’re too hard to find.

We’ve talked about using contextual links and related post links to send readers to relevant content deep within your blog. But a Sneeze page is a little bit different. Instead of a narrow trajectory that leads to three or four relevant posts, a sneeze page covers a wider target area.

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How To Create A Sneeze Page

A sneeze page should be more than just a page filled with links. Explain to readers why each link is relevant, and why you’ve pulled the links all together on the same page. There’s nothing complicated about a Sneeze page, though. It’s how you organize the page that makes the difference.

1. Sneeze Pages With A Theme

These pages revolve around a single theme. For example, it might be “The Best of Dukeo” and include links to the compilation pages of 10 popular series posts. Each of those compilation pages then includes links to all of the posts in the series, and each of those individual posts includes links to relevant content even deeper in the archives.

2. Time Related Sneeze Pages

These pages are focused on a specific period of time. Monthly Mash-Ups, Annual Retrospectives, The Year Ahead, and so on.

3. Series Sneeze Pages

These pages are compilation posts, either at the beginning of your series or the end, and they include links to all the posts in the series. You can make this page even more valuable by linking to other relevant content on your blog and you should already be linking to relevant content inside each of the posts.

4. Other sneeze page ideas might include

  • The Best Comment Threads Round-Up
  • Monthly Mash-Up For July
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About…

Promoting Your Sneeze Pages

If you run a weekly mash-up you’ll probably just want to run it as a standard blog post. For more important content, consider setting up a page so it’s highlighted in your navigation bar.

Highlight your sneeze pages in your sidebar along with links to your popular posts. In fact, these sneeze pages will probably end up being some of your most popular posts because they’re packed with so much information.

Set up at least one sneeze page on your blog today and leave us a link in the comments so we can all check it out.

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Steven, I love the idea of a sneeze page. I’m coming up on the 500th post for The Wonder of Tech and I was thinking of doing just that (though I didn’t know that’s what it was called).

    I would love to see a sneeze page here. You produce so much great content, but when I try to find it, I have difficulty.

    Thanks for yet another helpful post!

    1. Steven

      Hello Carolyn, it’s awesome that you’re already reaching the 500 posts mark. Congratulations!

      I’m always working on improving the navigation on Dukeo to make it easier to find the best content.

      – You can navigate the categories at the bottom of every page.
      – I also implemented some breadcrumbs so you always know where you are.
      – The search function has also been revised to let you know how many results your search returned so you can try making it broader or more targeted.

      There is still a lot of work to do, but these things take time…

  2. Andrew Healey

    Great idea, Steven. It makes sense that as we write more posts and build wider networks that recent posts get more attention. A sneeze page sounds like a great idea for giving older posts a bit of “love.’ I’ll send you a link once I’ve created a one.

    1. Steven

      Hi Andrew, pushing your readers to your older content has always been a complicated task for bloggers because of the way blogs work. Hopefully, sneeze pages can help.

      I’m looking forward to checking the sneeze page you’ll create for your readers!

      Let me know when you’ll have this implemented.

  3. Cynthia


    I love the idea of a squeeze page as well but would love to see an example of one. Is this something that is easily created? Is there a widget?

    I am always looking for something to highlight some of the great articles with lot of comments on it.

    1. Steven

      Hi Cynthia,

      As far as I know, creating a sneeze page is not a task that you want to automate because it’s not just about putting a collection of links together. You need to find a key to link these posts together.

      To highlight your articles with the most comments, you can certainly find a plugin that will list the post with the most comments in your sidebar.

  4. Corina Ramos

    Hi Steven,

    I saw your post on Triberr and had to check it out. Thanks for much for sharing this idea. I had never heard of a sneeze page before so you taught me something new today. :)

    I’ll be coming back to see if anyone has shared theirs. Looking forward to that. Hope you’re having a great week.


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