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It doesn’t take long for a new blogger to develop some solid blogging skills and start bringing in some decent traffic.

But there’s a big difference between “bringing in traffic” and actually making money with your blog.

That step from blogger to money-making-blogger sometimes takes a little longer.

Here are three tips to help you turn your blogging skills into successful affiliate promotions so you can start bringing in money.

1. Promote For Your Audience

It only makes sense – If you’re blogging in the gardening niche then you’re audience is probably looking for information on gardening tools, seeds, and soil supplements.

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When you write blog posts about those topics the traffic comes rolling in. Why then do you have a banner for Host Gator web hosting in your sidebar?

And another banner for one of those How To Make Money Blogging programs?

Promote products that interest your readers.

If your readers are coming to your blog looking for gardening information then chances are they’d be interested in buying gardening tools, gardening gloves, garden gnomes, seeds, and soil supplements.

2. Promote Quality Products

If you’re bringing in traffic then you probably have some pretty good quality content on your blog, otherwise they’d be visiting some other blog.

So, if you know your readers are attracted to quality, it only makes sense to show them quality products.

You’d be surprised how many bloggers promote the first product they trip over.

But if you’re promoting yourself as an expert in your niche and you point your readers to a poor-quality product, then you just look like a snake oil salesman.

Remember, as an affiliate marketer, you don’t get paid until your reader clicks your link and actually buys the product. Before you decide to promote any product, take a look at the sales page you’re sending your reader to.

Is it a professional quality page?

Would you be tempted to buy after reading it?

Because if that sales page doesn’t convince the visitor to buy, you don’t earn any commission.

It’s not always possible to purchase and test every product you’re promoting.

If you can, that’s great.

Test it before you promote it to your readers.

If you can’t do some research and read some reviews.

Don’t kill your credibility by promoting a poor quality product.

3. Establish Expertise

If you’ve been blogging for a while your readers are already looking to you as an expert and already learning to trust you, which is important because they’re not going to follow your links if they don’t trust you.

But you can boost the success rate of your affiliate promotions if you also help establish trust in the vendor you’re promoting.

Invite the vendor to submit a few guest posts for your blog.

Not his standard sales-hype articles.

Real articles that provide useful information about his product that help establish him as an expert and help establish reader trust.

With your expert advice and opinions, backed up by the expert and useful advice of the vendor, your readers can’t help but trust in you and your product.

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  1. Jon Rhodes

    Good stuff! It’s also well worth looking at the intention of your visitors. For example if they are looking for information, then it might be worth selling e books or physical books from Amazon that give them the info they are looking for. If your visitors are looking to make money, then direct them to tools that will help them achieve this.

  2. Robert Black

    Some good advice there. I have a number of review blogs, I hadn’t thought of getting the product vendor to submit some guest posts. Great idea.

    One other thing I would add is to give away good quality free content every now and then, such as an ebook or quick report in PDF format. If you don’t want to write the content yourself, these days there are PLR products you get on pretty much any subject.

  3. Reginald

    Hi Dukeo,

    Thanks for sharing this. The last part, getting vendor to share their expertise and posting is a great idea!

    I think that makes sense since readers will be able to listen and read what the vendors got to say about their products in their own words.

    All in all, great article and thanks mate!

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