Selling Misconception Do You Think Selling Is Easy? Think Again!

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Sales people, in general, get a bad rap, yet almost every business you can name involves some type of selling. You’re either selling a product, your services or yourself. People who call themselves sales people are a dime a dozen. Sales people who actually make sales, well, they’re a little harder to come by. Selling isn’t as easy as it looks, especially in the blogging world.

First, You Have To Get Them To Your Blog

Believe it or not you have to do some selling just to get people to visit your blog. You have to research your market and know what your audience is looking for. Then you have to use attention-grabbing titles to attract them to your blog. Once they’re on your page, you have to have an exciting opening paragraph just to keep them there.

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You Need Tons Of Traffic

But that search traffic isn’t enough. The average conversion rate is only about 3 percent, which means that for every 100 people who visit your blog, maybe three will turn into buyers – if you’re lucky, or if you’re a really good sales person. So you need to attract thousands of people each day. To do that, your content has to be stellar so your visitors will want to share it with their friends.

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You Need To Understand the Psychology of Selling

People go to college to earn marketing degrees so if you think you’re just going to set up a blog and start selling you’re in for a big surprise. Writing sales copy that converts is not as easy as it sounds. Set your price too low and people will think you’re selling a poor-quality product, set it too high and people will be afraid to take the risk. Use the wrong turn of phrase and you’ll send them screaming from your sales page.

In some cases selling online is even more difficult than selling in the brick-and-mortar world. Your visitors can’t see your face or shake your hand. They can’t read your body language to tell if you’re trustworthy, so they’re even more hesitant to part with their money than they would be if they walked into your shop.

There are lots of successful bloggers out there who’ve never written a sales page in their life because they know their limitations. Instead, they pay copywriters hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of dollars per page to write copy that converts.

You Need The Right Product

But before you can even worry about setting up that sales page you need to have the right product for the audience you’re pulling in. Are there other products out there just like yours? What makes yours different? Does it address the needs of your specific audience?

The Good News

On the upside, making money online is a lot like making money in the offline world. Once you learn how to run your business it’s easier to expand into other markets. You just rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. While each product you sell may have different features and benefits, the selling process is the same: Identify your market, address their needs and eliminate the buying obstacles. It’s easy!


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  1. Lisa

    And I may add selling has gotten harder over the past several years Steven. Maybe it’s the competition or the many more choices out there. And the research that’s done online before a purchase is made. It sure has changed in the past 10 years.

    1. Steven

      Absolutely! The space became more crowded… The competition is more fierce… People are becoming more cautious about what they read online…

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