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People buy and sell websites all the time, just take a look at Now, before you say it, I know, all of those websites and blogs at Flippa are on their own domains. But that doesn’t mean you Blogspot blog is any less valuable. If you want to sell it and somebody wants to buy it, then here’s a few tips for handling the transaction.

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Is It Legal?

If you want to dig through the Blogspot TOS I’m sure there’s something in there that says you can not sell their service. Technically, you’re not. You’re just selling your content. If that scares you, keep reading…

I have a blogger in my network who has sold:

  • 15 Blogspot Blogs
  • 8 WordPress Blogs
  • 6 Weebly Blogs
  • 4 HubPages
  • 450 Squidoo Lenses
  • A Twitter account with 3,000 followers
  • A Level 2 Fiverr account

Yes, he really did sell all of those properties over the last six months. Squidoo even knew he was selling them because he asked them for advice a few times when they’d updated their site. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. All of these properties were high-quality content that ranked well with the search engines and attracted traffic. What difference does it really make if they’re transferred from one “owner” to another?

Where do your sell your Blogspot blog?

I’m using Blogger as the example here but this advice applies to any of your Web 2.0 properties you want to sell.

First, I wouldn’t go to Flippa with these properties unless they’re really extraordinary sites. The buyers on Flippa are looking for top level domains and you have to pay to list your sites there so you’d probably just be wasting the money.

But you can put the word out in forums or contact other bloggers. If your Blogger blog is getting a ton of traffic another blogger in a relevant niche might be interested in it for backlinking purposes.

My blogger friend actually sold all of his properties at That was the service he offered. He’d set up a Blogger blog or a Squidoo Lens or whatever for $5 and then transfer it to the buyer.

How do you sell your Blogspot blog?

Since you don’t own the domain and you’re not handling the hosting all you really have to do is give the buyer your email address and password and let him take ownership of the blog. This is true for any of these properties. However, let’s look at a few specifics:

If it’s a Blogspot blog then you had to use your Gmail address to log in. If you’re using that Gmail address for all of your email – not just for the blog – then you’re going to need to get a new email address and transfer your contacts and make sure there’s no private information visible for that new owner.

The same is true for most other 2.0 properties so keep that in mind before you make the sale.

With Squidoo, you can actually transfer a lens to another account so you don’t have to worry about changing email addresses.

Before You Sell, Protect Your Reputation

You have no idea what this buyer is going to do with that blog so make sure you remove your name, your contact information and anything that might hurt your reputation from that blog before you sell it. If you have links on that blog that lead to a page on another site that has your information – remove those links.

If you’re concerned about losing link juice when you sell your Blogspot blog then calculate that into your selling price. You probably won’t get it, but it’s worth a shot.

Please note: I am not guaranteeing that you won’t be breaking some rule and I am not advising you to sell your online properties. What I am saying is – it’s possible. People do it every day and they make darn good money at it. So if you want to sell that Blogspot blog, be my guest. Just remember to disassociate yourself from it before you hand it over.

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  1. Jena Isle

    Now, that’s a thought. I might do this one of these days. :D. Would you like to buy mine? Just kidding. But I see your point.

    Thanks for the heads up. Keep providing quality articles.

    1. Steven

      Well Jena, I’m already super busy with my own online projects, but thanks for the offer ;)

  2. Tony

    All my blogs have the same e-mail address. So how do go about this. I have actually being looking for a way of selling some of this blogs.

    1. Steven

      Can’t you change the email address with a particular blog? If that’s not the case, in the future I would advise you to use 1 different email address for each blog.

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