Selfish Guest Post When Does It Become Too Self Centered?

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Selfish Guest Post: When Does It Become Too Self Centered?

Personally, I think guest blogging is one of the best things you can do to promote your online brand, but more and more I’m seeing bloggers use it to promote themselves and their blogs. These self-centered bloggers are forgetting two things: Your guest post is an opportunity to show the reader the value in your brand, and if the reader likes what he sees he’ll find his own way to your blog.

Take a Lesson from Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods produces dozens of products in a wide variety of categories, including beverages, cheeses, dairy foods, snack foods, confections and convenience foods. In fact, they make so many products you’d actually have to visit their site to list them all, and you’re probably not even aware that Kraft manufactures a lot of the foods you purchase.

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Now, let’s say Mrs. Jones goes to the market one day and she needs to purchase lemonade mix for a party. Out of the five or six varieties on the shelf she just arbitrarily chooses Country Time lemonade mix, manufactured by Kraft Foods. This lemonade is a huge success and all of her guests love it.

Next week, Mrs. Jones is at the market again and this time she needs barbecue sauce for a cookout she’s planning. As she’s looking at the various labels she notices that BullsEye Barbecue Sauce is produced by Kraft Foods. She thinks to herself, “Hmmm… Kraft Foods. Everyone really loved their Country Time lemonade, so I think I’ll try this BullsEye Barbecue Sauce and see how it goes over.” Again, Mrs. Jones cookout was a huge success thanks to her decision to buy another product made by Kraft Foods.

The following week, Mrs. Jones needs to buy crackers for a wine and cheese party. While perusing the cracker aisle she notices Ritz Crackers, manufactured by Kraft Foods. They’re a little pricier than the store brand crackers but she’s already impressed with Kraft’s quality and she wants only the best for her party guests.

She also remembers seeing a commercial that said, “Everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz” so she decides to check out the cheese aisle, where, you guessed it, she finds Cracker Barrel cheeses, also manufactured by Kraft. Again, Mrs. Jones guests raved about her choice of finger foods and her party was a huge success.

The following week, while planning a birthday party for her husband, Mrs. Jones decides to check her list before she goes shopping and see just how many items she can find under the Kraft brand. She visits the Kraft website where she’s surprised to learn they manufacture almost everything she has on her list, so she jots down the product names and heads to the grocery, fully prepared to pay a little more, but knowing already sure that the quality will be well worth the price.

The Only Promotion Was The Kraft Logo

At no time did a representative from Kraft ever pop their head out of the package Mrs. Jones purchased and say, “Hey! Come visit our website!” There was nothing on any of the labels to indicate that Kraft made dozens of other products and Mrs. Jones should “Check this out!

The only thing Kraft Foods did was focus on delivering a valuable, useful product to the consumer. They put their logo on that product, knowing that if Mrs. Jones liked it she’d be sure to see who produced it. They also knew that if Mrs. Jones didn’t like the product they could have a whole three-ring circus jump out of that can and Mrs. Jones still wouldn’t buy the product again and probably wouldn’t consider buying any of their other products, either.

Mrs. Jones was impressed with the Country Time Lemonade, and when she looked at the label she noticed it was produced by Kraft Foods. The fact that she’d already been exposed to one high-quality product from Kraft Foods encouraged her to try the BullsEye Barbecue Sauce, and then the Ritz Crackers and Cracker Barrel Cheese. And after she had such great success with Kraft Products that she just happened to “trip over” when she was grocery shopping, she made the conscious decision to go to the Kraft website and see just what they had to offer.

This is EXACTLY How You Need To Handle Your Guest Posts

Take a lesson from Kraft Foods and stop worrying about getting Mrs. Jones to visit your blog. The only thing you should be worried about is delivering high-quality, useful content in as many locations as possible so that every time Mrs. Jones is looking for information she sees your name on the label, no matter where she’s shopping.

Eventually, like Kraft Foods, you name will become a household name to people interested in your niche because they’ll see it on every blog they visit.

And once they start associating your name with high-quality useful information, that’s when they’ll make the conscious decision to visit your blog to see what else you have to offer. Until then, no amount of self-centered promotional content will get them to visit your blog. In fact, it’ll more than likely chase them away.


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  1. Ronshelle Mcintyrecarr

    That was very informative and it could be applied to everyday life stuff too. Quality will shine…once you see Quality…and you’ll develop a taste for Quality. Your Quality efforts will gain Quantity

  2. Sunday

    Awesome post with helpful facts! The Mrs Jones analogy is spot on, and the biggest takeaway here is to deliver value at all times. The value created by a blogger or Internet marketer is what readily sells him!

  3. Arindam Dutta

    Guest Posting is still the best way to create awareness or to build brand authority online. The main intention of a guest posting should be to show expertise, create brand awareness, to build authority & to be among the best authors in the niche online, in order to gain trust, mainly to help consistent visitors or the trustworthy users on the site with quality niche specific content.

  4. Riza

    This article really had me thinking for a long time.

    Sometimes it’s hard not to promote when the opportunity arises. But then again, as you’ve frankly pointed out, it isn’t the best of all manners and strategies. Most of the time, the only real opportunity one should take advantage is delivering quality content every time.

    Thanks for this reminder, Steven!

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