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Some bloggers let their blogs go by forgetting that their readers have needs. Gradually, their blogs become these huge billboards with 12-foot letters spelling out, “Me! Me! It’s All About Me!” Again, like slacking of on your posting, it happens so gradually you don’t even notice… until it’s too late.

What Is A Selfish Blogger?

A selfish blogger is someone who’s blog is filled with paid reviews for affiliate products, posts boasting about his daily stats and his daily earnings, posts promoting his own products or services.

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A selfish blogger is someone who’s become too arrogant to belittle himself replying to comments. Even though he has thousands of followers in the social networks, he only follows six or 8 people, and they’re usually selfish bloggers, too.

Worst of all, a selfish blogger no longer acknowledges that his readers have needs. He no longer produces any helpful, useful content. It’s all about him.

Does this sound a little bit like you? Are you tottering on the edge of a slippery slope, about to lose your readers because you can’t be bothered with them now that you’re such a bigshot? Here are seven tips to help you move beyond your over-sized ego and start taking care of your readers again. These tips have been gathered together from various posts on the blog. For more information, follow the links to the individual posts.

Email a new reader: Check out your comments to find a new reader and send him an email to welcome him to your blog. While you’re at it, let him know you’re there if he needs help with anything.

Email an old reader: Every week, email an old reader, someone who’s been with you through thick and thin. Thank him for his support and offer your assistance if he needs anything.

Respond to comments: Get back in there and interact with your readers. And don’t just thank them for their comment. Do something to keep the conversation going.

Survey your readers: What better way to let them know you’re paying attention than to ask them for advice or suggestions.

Highlight a reader: Feature one of your readers in a blog post. Choose someone who’s contributed something valuable in the comments or answer an email question.

Publish How-To posts: Feature a special How-To post every week and start addressing your readers’ needs again. Make sure this post is packed with valuable, useful information and keep your affiliate links out of it.

Does this mean you need to completely avoid any type of promotion? Not at all. If you’re not making money with your blog you’ll just get frustrated and drop it.

But your readers didn’t start coming to your blog because they wanted to hear all about some selfish blogger. They found you because they were looking for useful information. It’s just that recently your content has kind of tipped the scales. Put the focus back on meeting your reader’s needs and everything will even out again.

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  1. Andrew Plath

    How do I make a photo-blog become not too much about me? The blog is about the thoughts that I have going through my head when I took the image or what I am trying to interpret with the image. Does this mean I am self-centered? I hope not.

    I am about conveying human values and using my imagery and my writing to let people judge me for what I am about.
    My photography is a mental process as is writing. I am open to criticism. That is the way I learn.

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