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This post is a follow-up of last week post about WordPress SEO: On Page SEO: Text and Links. I invite you to read this previous post as well. If you would like to have a whole picture of my SEO guide, you can check the series from the very first post: Comprehensive introduction to SEO.


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Flash Files

Nowadays, the Search Engines still have a lot of difficulties to index the Full Flash Websites, even if some progress have been made.

If your site is using Flash Technology, you should limit it’s usage to elements which doesn’t include some crucial textual elements. You should also avoid using it for the navigation menu, or else, you should make a double in full HTML.

Don’t forget to clearly fill the tags of all your flash content, with equivalent non-flash content.

Ajax and JavaScript

Search Engines are unable to index the content located in Ajax and Javascript. These technologies shouldn’t be used for navigation elements and important content regarding the SEO.

To make sure that your website won’t be penalized after the launch of a new version, it is very useful to visit your site after deactivating JavaScript in your browser. This way you can also see your website like a Search Engine Spider would.


Search Engine Spiders are unable to read the elements within a form. You shouldn’t use drop-down menus for navigation. Most of the time you can replace them with DHTML elements.

If you still want to use drop-down menus for navigation, you should double it with an HTML menu (in the footer of your website for example).

Frames and iFrames

Search Engine Robots do not index the pages within frames. Try to avoid using frames when possible.

If you absolutely want to use frames in your website, put some content within the <noframes></noframes> of the code to feed the spiders.

For iFrames, the problem is almost the same. If you want to use them, you should forbid it’s indexation by Search Engines, through the use of Meta Robots or the Robots.txt file. Otherwise, it would lead to a bad indexation and the misleading of the visitor to an orphan page.

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