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Gather around any online water cooler and you’re bound to hear someone talking about how to improve their Google search engine ranking. It’s a popular question, that’s for sure, and one that everyone seems to have an answer for. Problem is, no two people have the same answer. Here are some of the more popular solutions that people have come up with to solve this puzzling dilemma.

how to improve google search engine ranking

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Google is a service provider and the main thing they’re looking for is customer satisfaction. When searchers link to your site, talk about it with their friends, leave comments, and visit repeatedly, then Google sees that they’re happy with your site and they reward you by improving your ranking.

So your goal is to make it easy for Google to find your site, which in turn makes it easy for the person searching for information to find you. And you also need to make sure that person is happy with what they find.

Use keywords: Obviously, keywords are one of the most important things you need to consider. Keywords are what the search engines use to identify your content and they’re what searchers use to hook up with your blog. But you have to use the right keywords if you want to make money with your blog. Instead of using only the keywords that relate to your product, use keywords that relate to the problems your product will solve.

For example, some searchers will search for a keyword like “Dr. Flora” because they’re already familiar with the product. But more searchers will use terms like ‘need to lose weight’ or ‘get rid of constipation’ or ‘how to increase energy’. They don’t know anything about Dr. Flora, but they do know they have a problem, and they’re looking for a solution.

Focus on your content: It’s important to focus each blog post or article on one solution to one problem. Each blog post has it’s own unique URL. If a searcher arrives on your blog looking for information about baby bottles then that’s the only thing you should talk about in that post. If they wanted information on baby booties they would have searched for it.

Write great titles: Searchers will see your links and article titles in their search results, mixed in with the links and titles of 10 other sites. Make sure your titles attract attention. Include your keyword, and tell the searcher what he or she will learn if they read your article. Don’t be silly. don’t be obtuse. Do be direct.

Build internal links: One way that Google judges whether or not the searcher enjoyed your blog is by looking at how much time they actually spent reading it. Yes, you can see this yourself by reviewing your Google Analytics. To keep your visitor on your blog longer, use internal links to connect relevant content. For example, in your blog post about Blue Baby Bottles, you might let your readers know that they can get more information by visiting your blog post about Pink Baby Bottles, too and link to that post.

Use anchor text: Use anchor text to create your internal links. Most links have value in the eyes of Google, but visitors are more apt to click on an anchor text link than they are a URL.

Use Alt tags: Google’s bots can only scan the code used in your site design, they can’t actually see the images you post. Use alt tags to identify images to give the bots just that much more information about your site. This also helps those readers who may have slow load times or might have turned off images.

Use tags: Use keyword tags to help the search engines categorize your content. You may have used one important keyword in the body of your article and in the title, but there are probably several more equally as relevant.

Use categories: Categories also help define your content for the search engines. But more important, they help searchers navigate your site, providing a better search experience. Again, avoid cute sayings and stick with keywords that everyone will understand.

Building Backlinks Is Critical, But What’s The Best Way To Do It?

One of the best ways to improve your Google search engine ranking through WordPress SEO is to constantly build incoming links or backlinks. These are links that are coming from elsewhere on the Internet and they lead to your blog. When Google sees these links it indicates that there are searchers and other bloggers and website owners out there who liked your content so much that they’re sharing your links with other people. Google rewards you with an increase in ranking.

There are all sorts of methods for generating these backlinks. The most popular are article marketing, blog commenting, forum commenting, guest blogging and link exchanges. The best links, the links that will reward you with that improved Google search engine ranking, are those which come from quality, high ranking sites.

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