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This is a tough question. I truly believe that there’s no such thing as a saturated niche. I think anyone can compete in any market as long as you understand you’ll need to be creative. However, if you’re new to the online business that might be a little misleading. So let me tell you why I think there’s no such thing as a saturated niche, but there are some niches you should avoid.

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A saturated niche is a niche that’s already loaded with competition. But that statement describes almost every niche you can imagine. There are millions of blogs on the internet now and the number just keeps growing.

But there are also about two billion people surfing the Web every day, looking for information. While there might be dozens of blogs in a specific niche, they’re not all high-quality blogs, nor do the all appear to the same mass of searchers.

Generally, there’s always room for one more blogger, especially if you have a creative streak. In cases where you have more and stronger competition you’ll have to really focus on good keyword research and strong promotional techniques but it’s never impossible. Andn no matter what niche you go into you’re going to need these skills anyway so you can keep competing with the new bloggers who are going to continue coming into the marketplace.

All that being said, if you’re a new blogger with little or no blogging or marketing experience, I would avoid the key niches like dating, health, celebrity news, and diet, and I’d especially avoid the Make Money Online niche.

Now that might sound like I’m trying to discourage competition so I can have the market all to myself, but trust me, this is one niche that is well and truly saturated. There isn’t a single, worthwhile keyword you can compete for and the big name bloggers at the top of the indexes are firmly entrenched in those positions.

Yet almost every single new blogger think he’s the only one that’s ever had the brilliant idea of tracking his blogging progress with a blog. So they set up their “Follow me while I make money online” blog, stuff it full of banners and ads, and start blogging.

But think about it. There are already literally millions of blogs in this niche. Millions! If you want to compete you’re going to have to present yourself as someone who really knows what he’s talking about. Someone who’s better than all those big-name bloggers who’ve been holding the top spots for years.

What makes you think you can do that when you haven’t even made your first sale yet? What makes you think anyone’s going to want to follow a blogger who’s using WordPress or Blogger because he can’t afford to pay for web hosting yet? How can you tell people how to make money online when you don’t know how to do it yourself yet?

While I believe there’s plenty of room in most niches I also understand that some niches are already way more crowded than others. Like I said, if you’re creative enough you can compete. Just know going into it that it’s going to take a lot of hard work and it’s not going to happen over night.


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  1. Bryan Hartmann

    Great write-up here — I’m quite new to affiliate marketing. While I’m generally a rather creative individual, I’m having a hell of a time finding my niche among the millions which already exist.

    1. Steven

      Picking a niche can be very tricky… But if you want to move forward, you’ll have to make a choice!

  2. Howard

    “…if you’re a new blogger with little or no blogging or marketing experience, I would avoid the key niches like dating, health, celebrity news, and diet, and I’d especially avoid the Make Money Online niche.”

    Interesting. My first actual monetary success was in the diet niche, with a guest-author blog. Not only do I make a bit of money with it, but these days, I don’t even contribute any of the content. I just moderate it to weed out the utter trash.

    I’ve got similar sites in dating and money niches, and they are starting to do pretty well, too.

    I think all of the niches you mention have significant potential if done right. The problem is that too many people think they can just slap up a blog and “they will come.” If you have some quality content — and it doesn’t even have to be extremely high quality to stand out from the crowd — you will eventually get some moderate success.

    I think that it is actually fortunate (at least for me) that the barrier to entry to these niches is some fairly consistent labor. Opportunity that comes in the form of work tends to be completely passed over by the vast majority.

    1. Steven

      Howard, let’s be clear, I’m talking about new blogger with little to no experience in blogging.

      You’re talking about starting a guest-author blog. A newbie blogger will have big difficulties handling every part of the process for this kind of blog.

      I don’t think it’s a good way to learn about blogging because it can be extremely discouraging.

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