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You might have heard the term “satellite sites” on various WordPress SEO blogs or forums that you frequent, but do you actually know what it means? More and more SEO fanatics and site owners are wising up to just how effective these sites are – because they can really help boost your rankings!

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What’s a satellite site?

Simply put, a satellite site is like a feeder site, it exists solely to push links to your main money site. It may sound silly to go to all that effort to make a site to link to your money site, but the fact is with several good pages of content and frequent updates, a satellite site can very quickly pick up some Page Rank. Of course Google tends to reward sites with high Page Rank backlinks – so if you’re linking to your money site from your satellite site, it’s smiles all round!

There’s little benefit in just having one satellite site – in order to get the top rankings for your chosen keywords you’ll probably need a few satellite sites. It’s perfectly fine to start with two or three, then add more gradually as you have the time and money to do so. Before you know it, you might well have your very own private network setup – which is handy because you can also link to any new money sites you setup, too!

The ingredients for a successful satellite site

If you want to make a success of your satellite sites, here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • A .com domain is best.
  • Host it well away from your money site and any other satellite sites if possible (unique IPs are really good in terms of SEO!).
  • Populate it with QUALITY content – not spun junk. Add new content every couple of weeks – outsource a bunch of articles then schedule them to post periodically – it’s really easy and totally “hands off”.
  • Make the site look pretty – it needs to look like a standalone site, you don’t want people knowing its sole purpose is to send link juice to your money site.
  • Link to other sites too, not just your money site (if you’re worried about losing PR, make them nofollow links).
  • Be careful when building backlinks – just because it’s not your money site doesn’t mean you should spam links to it. Use quality links from article directories, press release sites, blog comments, etc.

Above are just some of the best practices you’ll need to adhere to. In terms of finding a domain name, you should try and find some exact match domains for some of the keywords you’re targeting on your money site. If you can’t find any then don’t worry – work with what you can get.

Satellite sites will usually take a day or so to setup, but after that you’ll be left with a Page Rank funnel – channelling all that link juice straight back to your main money site!

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