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It takes a lot of work to get traffic to a sales or squeeze page. You have to target the traffic and bring those visitors into your blog. Then you have to win them over with your stellar content and charming personality. And finally, you have to get those visitors to trust you enough to click on that darn link. But that’s all a piece of cake compared to getting them to click that buy button on your sales page. Here are some tips you can use to improve your sales copy today.

Grab Them With The Headline

It’s absolutely crucial that you grab the reader with your headline. That means you need to use your keyword, let the reader know you understand their problem, and tell them you have the solution. Your sales copy is no place to play around with cute titles or word games.

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Create Multiple Landing Pages

Don’t try to answer every question with one headline. You can’t. Choose one long tail keyword or issue to address. Create multiple landing pages to address different keywords. Each visitor who comes to your page is going to have one primary problem and that’s all he’s going to be concerned about. If he has to wade through a lot of content he’s not interested in… well, he just won’t. He’ll go somewhere else to find his answer.

Create Urgency

Create Urgency” doesn’t mean tell them there’s only 24 hours left to buy or the price goes up or the product disappears. It means use words to let the buyer know that you understand how horrible his problem is, how devastating it must be for him, and if he buys this product right now his problem will be solved immediately. (Of course, you don’t want to promise “immediately” unless that’s actually the truth, but you get the picture.)

Be Unique

Look around to see what features your competitors are focusing on and then choose something different. For example, nearly all cell phones have cameras now so that’s really not a selling point. What sets the cell phone you’re promoting apart from all the others?

Offer Proof

Use testimonials, screenshots, quotes from reliable news sources, videos, or whatever you can that proves to the buyer that your product really does what it says it will do. Don’t ask them to just take your word for it. Some of the people who land on your sales page may never have seen your blog and they won’t know anything about you.

Focus On The Positive

Never, never, EVER mention a negative aspect of your product and don’t compare it negatively to another product. For example, you don’t want to say, “This cell phone doesn’t have a camera but it does have…” Whatever it “doesn’t” have or “doesn’t” do, don’t even bring it up.

Be Concise

Some sales pages need to be three or four miles long but they don’t all have to be. Give your visitor everything he needs to know your product will solve only his problem. Remember, you’re eventually going to create multiple sales pages to address all those other problems.

Eliminate The Obstacles

Read your sales copy yourself and if you can say, “Yes, but…” then you know you haven’t answered all the questions. The job of a sales page is to eliminate all the obstacles between the visitor and the buy button.

Take Your Reader By The Hand

When a visitor lands on your sales page that means he really wants to buy, but he feels uncomfortable about something. He still has questions. Take him buy the hand as soon as he hits your page and “tell” him what to do next. Use words like:

  1. Remember how horrible it felt when…
  2. Imagine how you’d feel if..
  3. Stop worrying…
  4. Click this button and buy the product now!

Make It Easy To Buy

Again, your job is to eliminate all the obstacles, which means you need to make it easy for the visitor to buy. Make sure your Buy It Now button is prominently displayed. You might be tempted to use a pretty, color coordinated button, but you want it to stand out on the page – not blend into the background. Also include a privacy statement and a money back guarantee to make your buyers feel more comfortable.

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  1. Beth Browning

    Excellent tips! The one I struggle with the most is creating a catchy headline and/or title. I’m not sure why, but I find this part the most difficult.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and tips!


    1. Steven

      Beth, there are so many articles explaining how to craft a catchy title… :)

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