RSS Drop-Off Here is What Makes Subscribers Leave Your Feed

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RSS Drop-Off: Here is What Makes Subscribers Leave Your Feed

Over the years I’ve unsubscribed from more blogs than I care to count. I know why I do it, but I’m interested in hearing why you do it. I’ll go first and tell you what makes me unsubscribe from a blog’s RSS feed, but then I want to hear from you.

The blogger insults my intelligence

It just so happens that earlier today I unsubscribed from an A-list blog because the blogger used bait-and-switch tactics in his title to reel me in. I’m all for building excitement, but to completely misrepresent your article tells me you think I’m an idiot, and I don’t like being treated like I’m stupid.

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The blogger is offensive

I might use a small curse word every now and then but I’m not crazy about bloggers who drop the F-bomb in every other paragraph. I don’t judge bloggers who do this, I just don’t like to read it. It’s a personal preference, but it’s one that a lot of readers share. I’m also offended by racism and racial slurs, people who try to use cancer or any other illness to prey on your emotions, people who trash-talk different religions, and I hate it when people use the word “retarded.” Again, these are personal preferences but I know there are plenty of people who share my concerns.

The blogger gets too big for his britches

There are some pretty arrogant bloggers out there who forget what it was like when they first got started. They ignore comments and all they do is talk about how much money they made last week. Pffft! Move along folks. Nothing left to learn here…

The posts are too long

Yep, I admit it. I’ve unsubscribed from a few blogs because the bloggers decided they really like to listen to themselves talk. I don’t have time to wade through their self-serving links and ramblings.

The blogger is moving in a different direction

This happens a lot and it’s not really a bad thing. You can’t blame someone for trying to broaden his coverage. But if it’s not something I’m interested in then I’ll probably stop following.

Too many guest bloggers

I’m sorry. If I wanted to follow Joe Blow’s blog I would. A couple of years ago I was following a really great blog about blogging tips. She accepted a buest blog post about once a week, which was fine. But suddenly, it became like a community blog with all these horrible writers who were obviously publishing for the links.

Like I said, except for the blogger who thinks I’m an idiot, I don’t really judge these other bloggers. I didn’t unsubscribe from their RSS feeds because I think they’re horrible people. Everybody runs their own blog to the best of their ability and according to their own conscious.

So now it’s your turn. What makes you unsubscribe form a blog’s RSS feed? Tell me about it in the comments.


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  1. William Mize

    My own personal pet peeve is truncated feeds. I subscribe to your feed because I enjoy it and want the convenience of reading it at my convenience in the feed reader of my choice.
    Truncating your feed and FORCING me to go to your website to read the remainder of the blog post just ain’t right.

    1. Steven

      William, I agree that truncated feeds are not necessary a good things. However, keep in mind that RSS Feeds are also used by content scrapers to steal articles and republish them on other websites. The only solution to protect yourself from these guys is to offer only truncated posts in your feed.

  2. Michelle Weaver

    This is a great article and I steer clear of making judgements and giving strong opinions in my blog. I do use the ‘f bomb’ in my post sometimes (usually in direct speech) BUT I replace vowels with asterisks. Do you think this makes it better?

    1. Steven

      Michelle, replacing the vowels with asterisks is not going to trick your readers… Even though the word is not fully written, people know what you mean. I’m not sure it would make any difference.

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