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Everyone wants to get rich. Acquiring financial wealth is something that many aspire to when they plan and start their own business. Chances are that you are no exception. You hope that your venture will give you the riches you desire over time. If you are honest with yourself then you will admit that the likelihood of that happening is slim. Most people, business owners or not, never become rich in a monetary sense. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy financial gains from your business. It also does not mean that you are not already rich. It simply means that you likely will not see that website or blog turn into a tool that brings in millions of dollars.

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If you caught the part about already being rich you may have many questions right now. How are you rich? If you are rich then why are you struggling financially? What does it mean to be rich? Those questions are normal when you have anyone tell you that you are rich and you know that you are still working to build a business and make ends meet each month. What you do not realize is that wealth is not always measured in the dollars and cents that you bring in. That is how you can be rich and not even realize it.

You have likely heard that those around you make you wealthier than money ever could. While the point is not to dispute that fact, that also is not what is being referred to. In the business world the love of friends and family does not account for much. Personally it is great and should be appreciated, but professionally you measure your wealth in other ways. Those ways will tell you if you can count yourself among the rich from this day forward.

The most important thing that adds value to your business is your reputation. Do others admire the work you do? Do they trust you and recommend your services? If so then you are already bringing in more wealth than many people. In addition you have complete control of your business. You get to choose how it operates, under what rules and how you can best use it. This also means you set your own working hours. You can set aside time for family events or even holidays if that is what you want. Of course you also have the privilege of knowledge and expertise in your line of work. Add to that the benefit of doing what you love and it is easy to see where the advantages lie. All of this adds up to make you fairly wealthy among your peers.

While many of your friends are getting up every day and heading to a job they dislike with hours they cannot change. They miss important things and their business reputation relies on what other people decide to do or not do. This will not be the case with you now or again in the future. So when you sit back and count out what you get from your work, be sure to add up the many things that make you rich every day.

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  1. Sarah

    Oh my gosh, it is SO TRUE about seeing other people have to get up and go to work everyday at a job they hate… that was me! But with my current career path, even if I do find myself struggling from time to time, I know that I am grateful to be out of that situation.

    1. Michelle

      That was me too! Life is so much better this way. 2012 is going to be about living life to the fullest!

  2. Chris

    A big part of saying goodbye to 2011 is saying goodbye to working for anyone but myself. And I gotta say, it feels really great! Because every dollar I make, even if it’s less than I was making before, I’m making by working for myself, and no one else. Bring it on 2012!

    1. Anon

      Hear, hear! Congrats my man! I like your optimism. I just hope we survive past December!

  3. Gorman

    This is really encouraging, reminds me of the song “Make Yourself” by Incubus. Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Mitch

      Love that band. So excited about the new year.

  4. Anon

    That picture is gonna be me in 2012

    1. Michelle

      Honey, hopefully that’s ALL of us in 2012!

  5. Samie

    This is truly a great inspirational read. This line of work can be very tough, but there are many perks and things to be thankful for that we must never take for granted. I thank you for writing this piece to remind us all of that.

  6. John

    Financial wealth will always come in time. This is the kind of wealth that really matters, and you should continue to measure your worth and your work in this way.

  7. Michael

    I am one of the richest people in the world. A loving wife of 20+ years, 2 great daughters and we are all healthy. My Dad was fond of saying (was is the keyword here)that “if you have problems that money can solve, you don’t have any problems at all”.

    May you have a grand 2012!

  8. Affmaster

    People these days are much too concerned with the monetary aspect of wealth. Consumerism has us working our asses off to have the latest “this”, the coolest “that”. When really if you start living life with only the bare necessities you’ll find that you can be happy and healthy on a quite modest income, giving you more freedom to pursue what you want, or take more pride and joy in your business rather than stressing about how much money it’s making you. IMHO.

  9. Dana

    It is so so important to me to be able to set aside time for family, that is something that makes me a lucky mother and wife and very wealthy indeed.

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