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Wow! What happened? That blog post you wrote last December was getting so much traffic, and now it’s like it never even existed. It was good stuff, too. How can you bring that old content back to life and get your readers interested again?

old content back to life

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Re-Write it as Evergreen Content

If the original post has references to specific dates or holidays it may lose it’s spot in the index simply because people see that date or holiday in the title and think it’s only relevant for that specific period of time. However, a great chocolate cake recipe is a great chocolate cake recipe, no matter what the time of year. So re-write that article, but make it evergreen. Remove any references to dates or holidays or specific events.

Link Back to the Original

And time you re-write an article always link back to the original and tell your readers why they should go read it. For example, “If you think THIS chocolate cake is yummy, you should click here to see how we made it even better for Christmas!”

Turn Old Content Into a Free Giveaway or an Ebook

Take 5 or 6 of your older posts and turn them into a free mini guide to give away on your blog. Use it to build your list. How-To articles are always a good choice for this. If you have at least 12 or 15 good quality older blog posts, put them together and make an ebook that you can sell in the Amazon marketplace.

Use it in an Email Blast

Your new readers aren’t going to know about a blog post from two years ago and your older readers either won’t remember or they’ll appreciate the reminder. So blast some of that content out to your newsletter subscribers or your list members. Just make sure it’s still relevant.

Use it to Build Backlinks

Take 2 or 3 of your older, more popular blog posts and move them off your blog. Use Squidoo, HubPages, Weebly, Blogger, or any of a dozens of other free platforms to create a mini-blog that sends back to your main blog.

Do you need to worry about duplicate content? Not at all. As long as you own the content you’re allowed to use it wherever you want. Some sites, like Squidoo and Ezine Articles, won’t allow you to publish content that’s already in use on your blog. So you’ll either have to re-write it and freshen it up, or find alternate sites to use.

Submit it as a Guest Blog Post

Obviously, you’ll want to re-write it first, but if it was great content before on your blog it can be great content now on another blog. Guest blogging can be a real chore but we all know the benefits. Find some of your more popular, older content and re-write it for a guest blog post.

Turn it Into a Video Post

Use that old content to make some Power Point videos or, if you’re feeling like a celebrity, sit yourself down in front of your camera and start making some video blog posts. You’ll probably even get more traffic from the videos than you did the original posts!

Should You Link Forward to the New Article?

The problem with freshening up existing content is that your regular, older readers won’t see the new, improved version. It’s certainly helpful to go through your blog and update content that’s become outdated. You don’t want a lot of useless clutter lying around the place.

Generally speaking though, if you want everyone to see the new content you’re going to have to publish a new blog post, even if you’re just re-writing the original. In that case, you have two options:

If the original article is just too outdated to be of any use you might want to consider deleting it. After all, you don’t want your readers tripping over something that’s no longer relevant.

However, if it is still good information and it has some link juice behind it, you might want to consider leaving it on your blog and putting a 301 redirect on it, sending readers who do happen on that link on ahead to your fresh, new re-write.

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  1. Csa

    This is a great article. I have just started following your blog and I am loving it already. Each and every post on the site is so helpful. How long is really old when it comes to the life span of posts in the blog. Is it just based on the relevance at that time, or we can just delete and re-write them. I have a very new blog for my photography, and I don’t know why I did that but recently I deleted almost all the posts and started re-writing again. I know that was the most stupidest move but the old posts made my blog look really bad it actually is. How do you deal with situations like that?

    1. Steven

      I would NEVER delete old posts! It reduces your indexed pages in search engines, it creates a bunch of Error 404 pages, it really hurts your rankings and will most likely kill your search engine traffic.

      You shouldn’t worry if your old posts are not as good as they could be. Keep writing on these topics and your new posts will shine. Having worse old posts will only show that you improved to become a better blogger and a better writer.

  2. Cendrine Marrouat

    Great article, Steven! Those are all important tips. Thanks!

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Cendrine!

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