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Can you remember every single one of your blog posts, all the way back to the beginning? I sure can’t. I can’t even remember what I blogged about last week. It might sound like a lot of extra work but one of the best things you can do is browse your own blog every month or so and review what you’ve written.

review writing

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Building Internal Links

One of the key SEO ranking factors is the number of internal links on your blog. Each time you write a new blog post you should be linking to relevant content deeper in your blog. This draws you readers further into your blog and it gives the search engine a clearer picture of your content. Link from you older articles outward toward your new content. And link from new content deeper into the archives.

This also gives you and opportunity to strengthen you pillar posts with additional internal linkage and over time, you’ll start to recognize new pillar posts you need to create to tie everything together.

Building Outgoing Links

The search engines like to see outgoing links, too, and this is another ideal way to draw attention to some of your older content. Link from your older content to other relevant blogs. That gets you some search engine love. Then, when the other blog sees your pingback they might just return the favor and link to you.

Building Incoming Links

There’s nothing that says you have to link to your homepage every time you comment on another blog. When you see an opportunity, leave a relevant comment and link to one of your older blog posts to give it some more link authority and perhaps send it some new traffic. Of course, you won’t know what to link to unless you regularly review what you’ve written, right?

Gaining New Traffic

If it was a good post back then, chances are it’s still a good post today. But your readers will never know because it’s buried in the archives. You won’t know either unless you review what you’ve written regularly because you’ll have forgotten it’s there.

Ideas for new content

When I look back on some of my earliest posts I can’t believe anyone followed my blog. Some of them are so poorly written and contain the threadiest content imaginable. But, at the time, they seemed like real works of art. If people liked those weak articles, they’ll like them even better now when you rewrite them and fill in all the bare spots with some fresh, new content. You might even throw in a link to that original article and share a laugh with your readers.

And reviewing your content regularly also shows you the areas where you need to start filling in the blanks. Maybe one category isn’t your strong point and you shy away from writing about it. Or maybe you didn’t realize you’d never told your readers about XYZ. You’ll start to see that if you do a regular review and you can beef up your writing in this area.


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  1. Marty

    This is a great Idea.Also when you back through old post it gives you a chance to update with some of the new info you learned and polish the things you wrote when you a newbie.I try to do this every sunday when I have a lot of free time.It also can help readers block and give you new idea to write about

    1. Steven

      I don’t do that on a weekly basis because I prefer going through big batches of posts at once. Marty, could you share how much time you are dedicating to this task every week?

  2. Marty

    Right now not a whole lot I just started doing it.I spend between 10 and 30 minutes on sunday

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