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I’m a big believer in the power of guest blogging to extend your reach, however, I’ve always despised the whole process – finding blogs that accept guest posts, kissing up to the blogger, writing an article that may not ever see the light of day and hoping the blogger gets my link right. My solution? Become a “Resident Blogger.” You get triple the benefits without any of the hassles.

What Is A Resident Blogger?

A resident blogger is like a permanent, part-time guest blogger. You’re publishing your posts on another blog, the same blog all the time, where you have a profile page and possibly your own category. Here are some points to consider that help explain what a resident blogger is.

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Benefits Of Being A Resident Blogger

1 – You always know where you’re blogging

No more looking around for the right blog and trying to find the contact information. More important, no more begging and pleading and waiting to see if your post gets accepted. You get the benefits of high-value backlinks and traffic without all the hassle.

2 – Posting frequency

You and the blog owner work out an agreement on posting frequency and it can be whatever works best for both parties. I have an agreement with one blog that I’ll publish something when I have time. The last time I posted on that blog was almost a year ago and it’s still the most popular post on the blog (and still sends me referral traffic) and I’m welcome back anytime I have the time.

3 – Strong reader engagement

One of the challenges of guest blogging is engaging that strange audience. They don’t know you and you don’t know them. Chances are a lot of the regular readers of that blog won’t even read your guest post because you’re not the blogger they’re following.

All that changes when you become a resident blogger. Your name appears in the byline frequently and the readers get to know you. You also get to know more about the readers and what type of content they’re looking for which enables you to write content that’s more engaging. The article I mentioned above would never have been that wildly popular if I hadn’t had time to learn what the audience was looking for.

4 – Extend your reach

I’m currently a resident blogger on three different blogs and all three address different audiences, audiences I probably would never have reached if I weren’t publishing posts on these other blogs.

The arrangement I have with all three blogs allows me to link between any of my content, anywhere on the web. So no matter what I blog about I always have something else relevant I can link to. No blog owner would ever allow this for a one off guest blog post. You’re lucky if you get a link to your homepage. This linking from blogs to blogs to websites helps build brand awareness and increase authority.

5 – Increased promotion

You and the blog owner both have a vested interest in promoting your posts, and the whole blog. You’re both more inclined to use internal links to promote your posts which also increases reader engagement.

How To Get Hired As A Resident Blogger

  • Approach blogs where you’ve guest blogged in the past or look for new blogs that accept guest posts.
  • Look for bloggers who are linking to you or who are syndicating your content. Offer to write original content for their blog.
  • Tell them how a permanent guest blogger would benefit their blog.
  • Provide links to your own blog and relevant content elsewhere on the Web.
  • Ask if they’d be interested in a resident blogger.

Your first contact should always be all about the benefits you can provide for the other blog, especially if you’ve never had contact with that blogger. Tell them about your blog, your traffic, your social network followers, your promotional abilities, and any other skill you might have that would benefit their blog.

Do You Get Paid To Be A Resident Blogger?

My biggest complaint about guest blogging is that, in most cases, you aren’t compensated for all the time you put into writing that post and sending it out to some unknown blogger. And trust me, compensation doesn’t always have to come in the form of cold, hard cash.

As a resident blogger, you are compensated in a number of ways:

Cash: Some bloggers will pays you a set dollar amount for every post you publish.

Traffic: Some other blogs send thousands of visitors your way every time you publish.

Links: You have high-value links leading to all of your content, no matter where it’s published.

Brand Awareness: In my mind, this is the most important benefit of all. Your readers see your name on your blog all the time. But when they start seeing your name on other blogs, and they see those other blogs value you enough to make you a resident blogger, then you’ve extended your reach and you’re increasing your brand awareness. That’s when your readers really start looking at you as an authority in your niche.

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  1. Red Nomad Oz

    GREAT idea! My narrow-niche blog is about Australian travel, so my challenge will be breaking into what appear to be ‘closed shop’ Aussie travel specialist commercial blogs. But will take your advice!

  2. Jonny

    I’m relatively new to blogging, but since I have started writing for bigger blogs I have noticed my social outreach of my posts increase thanks to twitter and people retweeting my articles. I couldn’t be happier! I make sure to thank everyone to build my following too!

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