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You know what they say – Use It or Lose It! And nowhere is that more true than blogging. Don’t feel like posting today? That’s OK. Don’t feel like posting this month? Bye-bye traffic! Here are five tips to help you keep your blogging activities regular so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked to hard to gain.

Know Your Limits

Wanting to do something and actually having the time to get it done are two different things. Yes, you want to deliver a weekly newsletter and you might even manage to crank one out… for the first three weeks. But if you don’t keep it up on a regular basis you’re going to lose all your subscribers, and maybe you don’t remember how hard it was to get those subscribers to join your list.

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That’s not to say you shouldn’t start a newsletter. When you want to start a special project, make sure you allot the time to get it done properly. Instead of launching a weekly newsletter, maybe you could go for monthly.

Regularity Trumps Quantity

In almost everything you do with your blog, regularity trumps quantity every time. If you typically post 5 times a day and you suddenly drop down to 2, or you typically post once a day and you suddenly jack it up to 5, you’re going to annoy some of your readers. Disappear for a week or more and no matter how many times you post when you get back you’re still going to lost some of your traffic.

The same things happens with newsletter subscriptions. Miss just two weeks of your weekly newsletter and you’ll see a tremendous drop in your open rate when you return. It doesn’t take long for your subscribers to forget who you are or to stop watching for your emails.

Think “Minimum”

Think “Minimum” and start small. Instead of promising your readers a newsletter packed with fresh content, an exclusive article and 10 new tips each week, promise them a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter with exclusive tips and information for subscribers only. Then, if you have time, include that exclusive article and 10 new tips. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver.

Schedule Everything

It always helps to have a calendar with everything scheduled, including blog post writing, your newsletter, your social networking times, your special projects, and anything else you need to accomplish. First, it helps you stay focused throughout the day and you get more accomplished. But second, having that calendar there in front of you also prevents you from adding “just one more thing” to your list of things to do. You can tell by looking at your calendar that your day is already full.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instead of writing two or three blog posts a day, set aside a few hours on Monday and write all your blog posts for the week. The hardest part of content creation is getting in the groove. Get yourself “in the groove” once and create all your blog posts for the week.

Use the same process for your newsletters. If you’re sending out a weekly newsletter, spend one afternoon creating all the content and schedule them for broadcast.

It’s important to keep your blogging activities regular and consistent, especially those activities which involve your readers. (And let’s face it – just about everything you do on or for your blog involves your readers.) Remember: Use it regularly and traffic and engagement increases. But drop the ball and you lose it all.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Working intelligently is far and away the easiest way to create frequently.

    Once you think through your campaign your campaign becomes easier to work.

    I post frequently but instead of writing all day long I use videos; quick, easy and a super connecting tool.


  2. Shane Grantham

    I agree that my small daily blog helps my readership more than if I did less frequent larger ones. I now write most of my articles ahead of time and schedule on my web site. I learned these ideas from the people at SMBFW.

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