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Anytime a new visitor comes to your blog and reads more than one page that’s a good thing.

It means he likes your blog and he’s finding value in your content.

Sometimes those new visitors leave after that first page because your blog just isn’t their cup of tea, and that’s OK.

You can’t please everyone.

But sometimes they leave because they don’t realize you have a lot more to offer, and that’s not OK.

Here are 4 quick and simple ways to increase page views on your blog so those new readers can see what a star you are.

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Never Publish Without At Least One Internal Link

Tie a string around your finger to remind yourself to never publish a post until you’ve linked to at least one relevant post in your archives. Let your reader know you have even more value deeper in your blog. Use keyword rich anchor text links inside your post.

Never Publish Without Including Related Posts At The End

Tie a string around another finger to remind yourself to include links to related posts at the end of every post. Better yet, if you’re using WordPress, install a related posts plug-in to do this for you automatically every time you publish a post. Then you won’t even have to think about it.

Put Your Sidebars To Better Use

Get rid of those ads that aren’t bringing in any clicks and promote your most popular posts in your sidebar. This is also a good place to showcase pillar posts or list posts that act as hubs because they have lots of links.

Create Series Posts

If you’re prone to writing extra-long blog posts, break them down and turn them into series posts. If your posts are usually short and sweet, that’s great. Start creating some series posts, anyway. They encourage return visits and for those new visitors who arrive long after the series has ended, it gives them a reason to stay on your blog and read multiple pages. Be sure to write a compilation post that includes links to all the posts in the series and highlight it in your sidebar, too.

Why Are Page Views Important?


Advertisers are interested in your number of page views because each time your reader goes to another page on your blog that’s another opportunity for them to see your ads.

Your Readers

When you’re readers start reading multiple posts each time they visit that means they’re finding something of value on your blog. An increasing number of page views indicates you’re doing a good job providing fresh, unique content and engaging your audience. You’re making your blog stickier which leads to more subscribers, increased loyalty, and higher conversions.

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  1. Oliver

    Thank you for this post. I am going to add a plugin to my site now with related posts for the reasons laid out above. Do the extra page views improve SEO? I am not sure if i read somewhere that time on site and pave views improve SEO?

  2. Larry

    Just been reading some nice write ups on different topics on blogging in general and increasing page views is a task all bloggers would like to achieve. Thanks for sharing and look forward to reading more here…

  3. The Corporate Prof.

    Great tips on how to increase page views! Interestingly, I have been applying these tips on my website even before I came across this post. In my opinion, the most important thing to do is to offer great contents on your website. Everybody loves great contents.

  4. Lorenzo

    Using a plugin like Zemanta, YARPP, LinkWithin can help keep your visitors engaged by showing related posts after your blog posts. For the sidebar, try Widget Logic which lets you assign widgets to certain pages and posts.

  5. Carolyn

    Hi Steven, These are great suggestions. I have a question about series posts. If you do series posts, do you do a series of three posts consecutively or do you separate them by a week or so? For example, if I have a long post with three different educational apps, I could break it down to a series of three posts, but when should I publish them? Do I publish them all on the same day? Would that confuse subscribers? If I publish them 3 days in a row, would that alienate subscribers who aren’t interested in education apps?

    I face this challenge a lot and my solution has been to do one long post but I feel that the message then gets lost in the depths of my post.

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