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Like every good TV shows or movie franchises, there comes a time for a reboot!

I have received numerous message from readers wondering what happened to me.

Well, I am still alive.

And here are some good news for the fans of Dukeo around the world: things are going to get a lot more exciting over the coming months.

Read on to discover what’s coming for me and for you.

dukeo reboot

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What Happened During The Last Year?

First thing first…

After the massive business crash I experienced almost 2 years ago, I spent roughly 1 year picking up the pieces and getting my shit together.

The aftermath wasn’t as bad as it could have been because as soon as my business crashed, I down-sized my life to fit my new level of income.

You see, a big mistake people make in such a situation is to keep their living standards to the same high level as when all was working perfectly… And they end up bankrupt.

As soon as my business crashed, I reduced my life spending almost ten fold to make sure I don’t live above my means.

In order to reduce my cost of living, I also moved to a new country: Philippines.


I’m not going to explain again the many benefits of working online such as location freedom.

You get the point.

Moving to Philippines was an easy decision to take.

I already lived in several Asian countries before, and I was looking for a place where life would be pretty cheap.

I couldn’t make up my mind between Thailand and Philippines.

I ended up flipping a coin (literally), and here I am.

Life in Manila is good: I live in a nice one-bedroom condo overlooking a Golf. Living in a condo in a tropical country has its perks: I get to enjoy the swimming-pool and the gym every day.

To give you an idea, for the same price as my current condo, in Paris, France, I would live in a 20 square meter (roughly 215sqft) studio on a low floor with no view.

What About Business?

business ideaIn terms of business, things have been running slow.

I took some time off to regroup, and decide of a new direction to take with my work.

After resting for a few months, I have slowly started working on fresh online projects including an authority site, a whole portfolio of niche sites, and developing my own products in a new niche.

I left Dukeo on hold for a while because this website never really made me any money.

My plan was to focus on more lucrative activities.

Following this new road-map, I also wanted to build a completely new foundation for my whole business.

This is happening right now.

Time has come for me to share my progress on Dukeo.

It will serve as a journal of my new successes and failures, and I plan to post monthly updates for every side of my newly founded business, as well as monthly income reports.

These income reports won’t be there to show off, but to keep myself accountable and keep a record of the progress month over month.

(Let’s be honest, there won’t be anything to show off about anyway because the income will be ridiculously low for a while).

I am officially rebooting this blog!

1st Step to Reboot: Fresh Design

dukeo designIt’s been ages since I’ve posted something new on this blog and I feel like it’s time for me to put some work into Dukeo.

Over the years, Dukeo had a grand total of 9 designs. Most were improvements compared to previous versions… But some of them looked like steps back.

The most recent design had been a major change from the previous versions, mostly because of the switch in color scheme. Instead of sticking to the original dark blue color of Dukeo, I used some green and gray.

As I explain in the last very personal post I published on Dukeo, I went through some very hard times both in terms of business and personal life. As a result, I needed some change… So I changed the color scheme of Dukeo.

Now that things have settled, I realize that changing colors was a bad move because it made things confusing in terms of branding, and I didn’t update all my social profiles to reflect the change.

That being said, the design served its purpose, but it’s now time to move back to blue-er pastures.

Welcome back blue my old friend!

In order to properly reboot Dukeo, I have built a new theme from the ground up. The new design is lighter both in terms of code, and visual perception.

I won’t bore you to death with the technical details, but I’ve also done some pretty neat CSS and JavaScript work to support the theme.

I have included a lot more white space so the content can breathe. All in all, it looks more sharp, more clean, and more professional.

It’s also interesting to note that it’s an adaptive design. As a result, it will fit perfectly on your computer screen, tablet, and mobile phone.

The latest mobile web design recommendations have also been followed in every aspect of the design to be ready for the Google Mobile Armageddon that is going to happen at the end of next month.

2nd Step to Reboot: Updating Existing Content

updating contentThe second step is going to take a while… I need to go through over 2000 posts to repair broken links, improve cross-linking, and delete low-quality articles.

This may take a while, so bear with me if some pages look off for a while.

3rd Step to Reboot: Adding Basic Monetization

basic monetizationLast time I checked, this blog was receiving 300 to 400 visitors per day.

I have never really tried to monetize this blog’s traffic (apart from some direct advertising when this blog was brand new), so it will be interesting to experiment with different monetization methods and see how much I can make from that recurring traffic.

What Can You Expect?

coming nextI’d like to make something clear: I will not go back to the crazy publishing frequency I had a few years ago.

I’m not interested to post a high number of 500 words articles anymore.

Articles will be more scarce, but they will be of higher quality, and more personal.

Don’t expect any more article about how to craft the perfect blog title, how to structure your next blog articles, and so on.

These subject have been treated over and over again on numerous blogs, and I don’t feel like writing about that anymore.

What you can expect are personal updates detailing my progress along the journey of re-building an online business from the ground up.

More updates to come!

PS: It would mean the world to me if you could share this article on your favorite social network. I’m sure it could serve as inspiration to some other web entrepreneurs. Thank you.


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  1. Ray John Agregado

    Good to hear from you again Ste!

    When I was starting online, your blog was really an inspiration. Read most of your guides!

    What’s more crazy is that you’re in the Philippines right now.

    If ever you make a plan to go to Iloilo City, I’m one email away. First beer is on me :)

    1. Steven

      Salamat for the nice words Ray.

      It’s always humbling to hear stories of people you inspired to grow…

      I’m planning to travel around the country this year so I’ll keep you posted when I come to Iloilo.

  2. Carl Marsh

    Welcome back! I too have been rebooting my website and I wish you well, as it’s taken me weeks whilst your content is ten times my website, so drink plenty of coffee!

    1. Steven

      Thank you Carl! The task looks massive, but it’s all about just getting started, right?

      It’s going to take time, but hard work never scared me :)

  3. Ray John Agregado

    Its cool that you have learned some Filipino words already!

    Just keep moving forward Ste! Life is full of challenges, we just need to be proactive in facing them.

    BTW, if ever I’m in Manila would you be open for a quick meetup and have some coffee maybe? :D

    1. Steven

      I learned only a few words, and I’m motivated to learn more!

      If you come to Manila, we can certainly meet in Makati. Simply shoot me an email and we’ll setup a meeting.

  4. Robert Connor

    Welcome back and can not wait to start reading more again. Best regards Robert

    1. Steven

      Hey Robert, thank you. I’ll keep you updated.

  5. Andi

    Nice to have you back.

    I look forward to reading all of your coming updates on how you made it back onto your feet.

    It is good to know that you have been busy too. :-)

    1. Steven

      Hello Andi, it feels like it’s been ages since I posted here and it’s heart-warming to see some familiar people posting comments.

  6. Tony

    Dear Steven,
    I haven’t heard from you for a while and it’s great to know that you’re on your way back to further develop this website and provide more benefits for people trying to make money online.
    I appreciate what you have done on your blog to benefit the MMO community.

    1. Steven

      Hey Tony!

      Indeed, it’s been a very long time since I posted something here.

      This blog is going to be more personal now that I will post updates about my progress.

      But no worries, these updates will be about making money online.

      Stay tuned :)

  7. Kristine

    Hi Steven,

    I’m long time silent reader, glad to hear you back!
    Why you don’t move to Bali? :)

    1. Steven

      Hello Kristine, thanks for the nice words!

      I’ve been to Bali for holidays in the past and will certainly go there again.

      At the moment, I’m satisfied with living in the Philippines :)

  8. Fred Kaplowitz

    I love your honesty, courage and attitude. Keep me linked in. You are one of the few people,on the web, willing to talk truthfully. Bless you

    1. Steven

      Hey Fred, honesty is the only way I know.

      If I wasn’t willing to say the things as they really are, I wouldn’t be blogging in the first place!

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Steven Johnson

    It’s great to see you’re taking Dukeo serious again. I look forward to your future articles on this amazing journey. I’m on a similar journey with my online brand, so it’s interesting to see another persons perspective.

    Thanks for sharing, Steve. I’ll catch ya later!

    ~Steven Johnson

    1. Steven

      Hey Steven, I didn’t really have a choice but to put Dukeo on hold for a while.

      I lost interest in posting generic articles about blogging, social media and the rest.

      Dukeo is coming back to its roots: it’s going to be a journal on my own progress toward online success.

  10. Theodore

    I’m much happy for this update brother.

    Welcome back. I know its not been easy and I was also wondering what was holding you after I stopped getting your email newsletters as I’m always eager to read it.

    Just like you, the past year has also not being so friendly for me. I also stopped updating my blog for almost a year now due to some issues too but I’m trying to pick up again.

    It has not also being easy to continue as it seems I totally lost interest. Right now, my host is about to expire and I’m still trying to garder money to renew it so my dear, life has been indeed difficult both in my personal life and on business.

    But I know we will make it :).

    Here is to a great and rewarding 2015 boss :), looking forward for more awesome posts as always.

    Welcome back once again.

    BTW: I just short you an email, please check.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your long comment Theodore, and good luck with your own relaunch.

  11. Wess Stewart

    Glad to see you’re still around! Business issues are just a speed bump…it’s nice to know it didn’t completely shut down the highway. :)

    1. Steven

      No worries Wess, I’m really not the kind of person to give up… ever ;)

  12. Johan Larsson

    wow , i had the same experince basicly, i had everything lost it it all… no money no girlfriend , friends gone basicly, no more free drinks and loans that is more like charity for them i guess. I also moved to Asia, Sri lanka. best move ever. I became buddist , found myself, started to enjoy learning reading books, back now again in AM and started with Mobile after 5 years of destructive living and depression…alot of money…wasted I am happy to make 30 dollar per day , i live like a king with it . Long gone ar the vegas trips and macau trips spending xxxxx for nothing really. What is money….?

    Keep going bro !

    1. Steven

      Johan, congratulations on finding your calling.

      While I totally respect your choice, becoming Buddhist is not on my bucket list ;)

      As long as you are happy with your situation, all is fine.

  13. Brendan

    Hi Steven – great post and very genuine and authentic also – it is great to hear both the stories of resilience and survival as much as it is to hear about the gloating of success. I’ve had my turning points too – right now I’m coming out of a bit of a slump and some great advice was to fail quickly and fast and move on to the next project without beaitng yourself up too much. So that’s hwere I’m at – rolling forward – believe it or not selling a courier business I have worked myself in between online gigs – lets’ see how much I can get for it! Anyway, Phillipines or Thailand – my father lives in Thailand but Pino is much the same – nice option to have to choose between.

    Keep up the hard work you are an inspiration!

    1. Steven

      I’ve been thinking for a long time before posting about my failures on this blog, but I think it’s important to show that making money online is not a guaranteed home run. There is a lot of adversity to overcome.

  14. Louie Sison

    Hi Steven,

    I’m from Pampanga, Philippines – less than 2 hours drive north of Manila. I got excited when I found out that you move here. :)

    If wish to meet you on events if you are speaking or attending.

    I like the new design of your blog. Great job!
    Louie Sison

    1. Steven

      Kumusta Louie? ;)

      I went to Pampanga for a friends birthday a few months ago. It was pretty nice.

      At the moment there is no plan for a live event, but I’m considering putting together some informal meetup. I’ll keep you posted.


  15. Diane Corriette

    I had never heard of your site before but am glad I found it now via Twitter.

    Having gone through a similar situation of losing income/having to sell my house, eating too much and feeling sorry for myself I too am back.

    In 2014 I started getting my health back on track and now I am looking at my old blogs. I deleted a lot of them but kept the old posts. I realize now they were actually making me money – small amounts but money nonetheless – so it was silly to take them down.

    Now I am looking for new niche ideas so am hoping to follow your blog and get back into being online.

    I was excited about a dream when I found the internet in 2005. To be able to live anywhere in the world as long as I had my laptop and internet connection I could run my business. I told myself when my son is 18 that would be my life while he is in university. Travel and living abroad while enjoying passive income.

    I now have 2 years before he hits 18 and plenty of work to get done! Onwards and upwards.

    1. Steven

      Hello Diane, and welcome to Dukeo!

      Getting your health back under control really is the stepping stone to everything else. It’s easy to overlook because when health is good, we don’t really think about it.

      When deciding if it’s time to kill a project or let it go on autopilot, it’s crucial to see if it has a positive cash flow. Anything that is making money (no matter how little) with close to zero work needed, should be kept alive.

      I wish you the best for your own online projects.

      Keep me posted regarding your progress!

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