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As a blogger you are concerned with many things. You need traffic that comes to the page. Without this, the blog is being wasted. You are hoping to convert that traffic to subscribers. This is what will eventually bring you an income. However, the most important thing about your blog is what is on it. That is a fact that too many bloggers fail to realize when they start out and they cannot understand why their blog is never profitable. The best way to see if your blog is good enough for your readers is to ask yourself a simple question and answer it honestly. Would you read your own blog?

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read your own blog

Obviously, you read your blog and read it often. It is your blog and that is part of your job. What you need to do is imagine that it wasn’t. Think of it as though you are looking at the topic of your blog and you run across your page. What do you think? Do you stay? There are a few things to examine in order to decide if you would, in fact, read your own blog.

Is your content informative? That is the key to any blog. Even if you are the best writer, if your content does not provide any value to the reader then you will not see the success you hope for. You want to be known as an authority on the subject. Is that coming across in your content? Are you focusing on a topic that you have expertise in? If you are not, or you are not being informative with what you share then readers will look elsewhere. Extremely few people have been successful with blogs about nothing or that lack truly informational content.

Is your blog interesting? No one wants to sit and read a boring detailed post about a topic. They want something that grabs their attention and keeps it. Even those who do not excel at writing can make their blog posts more interesting to the reader. Keep in mind that most readers want information presented to them in a way that interests them. If you can do this, you will see more success.

Is the blog useful and valuable? Can your readers simply go to another page and find the same thing? If they can then chances are they will. So make sure that what you share becomes valuable to the reader. When you put that as your primary goal then you will see far more success out of your blog than if you simply focus on producing content.

The fact is that when it comes to blogs quality beats quantity at all times. So read your blog with an open mind. If you were a simple person looking into a specific topic, what would you think about what you found? Would you subscribe? Would you buy the product offered? Would you leave the blog feeling as though you gained something valuable? Most importantly, would you sit down and read your own blog?

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