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Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or not, it’s always a good idea to read other blogs, especially those in relevant niches.

But it’s not enough to just read their content.

Use it for inspiration for your own blog.

How Can You Build On It?

You probably read the other blogs in your niche on a regular basis, but have you ever used them for content ideas for your own blog? Look to see what everybody’s talking about this week. Is there a hot topic that’s appearing on several blogs? Are those other bloggers covering it completely? Are they answering all the questions or can you build on their content to provide even more value for your own readers?

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Are They Covering All The Bases?

If you read those other blogs on a regular basis then you’ll have a feel for the topics the cover and the topics they avoid. Look for the gaps in their coverage and fill in the blanks on your own blog. It might be an entire category that no one else is covering or it might just be a little segment of a niche. Whatever it is, find it and use it to your advantage.

Read Blogs In Other Niches

Reading new blogs in other niches actually helps in two ways: When you turn your focus toward new topics and ideas it’s like giving your brain a little jolt. All those new ideas flooding in will stimulate your creativity.

Visiting non-relevant blogs also helps you see what’s going on in other corners of the blogosphere. Personally, I tend to forget there are bloggers out there talking about something other than making money online, and when I visit these blogs I find some of their designs and marketing techniques really extraordinary. Take a look at their content, too, because you can find useful information in some of the most surprising places.

Tour Your Competitor’s Archives

One of the downsides of blogs is that after a while all the content slips into the archives, where it’s never seen again. (Cue sinister organ music.) You know what it takes in terms of quality content to rise to the top of the index. Chances are your competitor has some pretty juicy content in his archives.

If it’s a large blog, don’t try to get through the whole archives in one fell swoop. Take your time to look for his best content and then take your time to create quality content that will compete.

At the very least, reading other blogs is a nice way to give your brain a break. So don’t feel guilty about visiting your favorite gossip blog if that’s what it takes to get your brain up and running again. But while you’re there, look around for something you can use on your own blog.


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