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I’ve said before that every post on your blog should have a purpose, and the idea that something should have a purpose would seem to suggest it would require some planning in order to get from Point A to Point B. So, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that I recommend you also throw in a little random blogging, just to keep things interesting.

What is Random Blogging?

Random bloggers sit down at their desk and blog about whatever comes to mind. Generally, if they’re blogging to make money, they stay within the confines of their niche, and their posts ideas are influenced by current events or hot topics or their own current interests.

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What is Planned Blogging?

Bloggers who plan take a more pro-active approach. They create series posts. They build pillar posts and create the relevant content to stack on top of those pillars. Their content is generally evergreen and every post is interlinked to relevant content all over the blog.

What is your blog’s purpose?

It’s important to keep in mind what you’re trying to achieve with your blog. What are your blogging goals and how do you plan to achieve them? Everything you do for and with your blog should be done with the intention of moving you closer to your goal.

Does that mean there’s no place for randomness? Not at all. But before you publish that random post, or before you even take the time to write it, make sure you do something with it that moves you forward.

What is the purpose of that post?

You have a main objective with your blog – to make money in whichever manner you choose. But each post should also have a purpose – to move you closer to that goal.

Have a purpose in mind before you write your post, whether it’s random or planned. Do you want to increase subscriptions today so you can increase stickiness and direct traffic? Do you want some Facebook shares today so you can increase referral traffic? Do you want comments today so you can increase engagement?

How randomness helps you achieve your goals

Randomness does two things to help your blog:

It provides a bit of fresh air – If all of your content is informational and predictable, it can get a bit stale and boring for your readers. Throwing in a random post occasionally wakes everybody up and adds some excitement to your blog.

It increases your credibility and expertise – Breaking news or discussing current hot topics shows your readers that you’re staying on top of things on their behalf. They learn that they don’t have to go searching other blogs because you’re going to keep them informed.

How to blog randomly, with purpose

Create a planned posting schedule that includes the topics you want to cover for the week or month. This allows you to map out those important series posts and pillar posts that make your blog more sticky.

This also allows you to set aside time each day or each week to include those random posts that pop up, and it also allows you to see what blogging goals you need to focus on within those random posts.

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