Quit your Job Here Are 7 Reasons Why

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You’re not being paid what you’re worth: With unemployment rates skyrocketing and corporations downsizing pay rates are dropping and you’re expected to do the work of three people for lower wages than you were earning just last year. And to earn those lower wages you’re now working at least 46 hours or more each week instead of just 40.

quit your job

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You have no way of increasing your income: The only way to increase your income these days is to work more than the 46 hours a week you’re already working. At an average pay rate of $15 per hour, you only make $15 for each additional hour your work, and that’s before taxes are taken out. To make an extra $500 per month you’ll need to work approximately 10-12 hours a week – and that’s IF you can find a part-time job that pays $15 an hour.

You’re not being paid for your ideas: No matter how hard you work, no matter how much money you save the company or how many great marketing campaigns you come up with you’re an hourly-employee, there’s a limit to how much you can make each week. Someone higher up in the company will always lay claim to your brilliant ideas and the company itself will always own your work.

You hate going to work: If you have to drag yourself to work every day then chances are you’re already in danger of losing your job. You’ve probably missed work or you’re less productive when you’re there. At the very least your attitude sucks and your employer has already noticed.

Your quality of life sucks: It’s time to quit your job when you no longer have any time for family or friends or hobbies. It’s time to quit your job if you’re having health issues, if you’re always tired and fatigued, depressed, constantly down with a ‘bug’, experiencing high blood pressure or migraines. When you no longer enjoy your life and one day is just like another, filled with long hours of drudgery and hard work, then your quality of life sucks and it’s time to do something about it.

You can do it better yourself: With unemployment rates soaring, more and more people are striking out on their own, using their talents and expertise to provide products and services locally or on the Internet. If you have a hobby or a special area of interest, chances are you can make money with it.

You’ll own it! When you work for someone else you have no control over the way they run their business, and in today’s economy, companies are folding every day because of poor leadership. How many times have you sat at your desk and said, “That’s not going to work. They should ask me. This company is going to go under!” When you go out on your own you control your business. It’s much easier to react to changes in the marketplace when you don’t have to report to a board of directors and it’s much easier to take a few risks, too.


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  1. Joseph

    I plus one this. Except for a few employers, many tend to enclose you into boundaries that will never let you expand, grow or go beyond your capabilities.

    Thanks for these reasons.

    1. Steven

      If you feel like you’re limited in your current job, it’s probably time for a change.

    2. Joseph

      Sure yes. I recently quit my job due to the limits that were imposed on me. I just decided to go on my own.

    3. Steven

      If you have the resources and can financially support that choice, that’s great!

    4. Joseph

      I prepared this for almost three months before quitting and to my surprise four days ago I received a call from a certain startup that wants me to join them for as a front-end developer/designer where I’ll entirely be working from home. That means I now can have the time to work on my projects.

      My advice to those thinking of quitting is to think over and over that decision and like you say make sure they have the resources support it before they go ahead.

    5. Steven

      It’s not the kind of decision you can take lightly… Not in today’s economy

  2. Julia Spencer

    I’ve just found a new job, so it was a little bit even funny to read the article that persuades me to leave it)
    But nevertheless thanks for sharing this kind of information

    1. Steven

      Maybe wait a couple months before deciding if you want to quit that job ;)

  3. Churchill Madyavanhu

    Great read. I am in the process of escaping from the 9 to 5 life and your post strengthened my motivation. I hope you will come up with a follow-up post describing things to do before and maybe after quitting. That is if it’s not already in the archives. :-)

    1. Steven

      Hey Churchill, I wish you the best with this process!

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