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I recently tripped over a huge misunderstanding that I’d like to try to clear up. A blogger I know (I’m not going to point fingers, but you know who you are…) says that to be a “prolific writer” you simply have to create a lot of words. I say, to be a prolific writer (which I consider a compliment!) you have to create a lot of works. Let me explain why my definition of “prolific” makes a lot more sense for your blog.

These days the Internet seems to be overflowing with bloggers who believe it’s important to be “prolific”, however, they’re also under the mistaken impression that all they have to do to reach this goal is create a lot of words. Hence, those epic-length, drawn-out, rambling blog posts that have recently become so popular. If it’s not at least 1,200 words then it simply won’t do, so they add more words, whether they’re relevant or not, so the post will be considered “prolific.

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These are the same bloggers who judge an ebook by its word count. They work their little tails off (Or hire someone else to work their little tail off) creating a 10,000-word ebook because they think “prolific” means “lots of words.” The quality of the product doesn’t matter, so long as it qualifies as “prolific” in their eyes.

But here’s the big problem with this misuse of the word “prolific” – The average online reader doesn’t want to read a 1,200 word blog post. In fact, he’d really rather not read at all. Just give him the bullet points. If he has to wade through 1,200 words that are placed on that page because the blogger wants to be considered a “prolific writer” then he’s just going to go somewhere else – where the blogger is a little more savvy about online reading habits.

There’s nothing wrong with being prolific. In fact, it’s a very nice reputation to have. Assuming you’ve earned that reputation because you’ve created a lot of “works”, not just a lot of rambling, fluffy “words.” Here are five ways to be prolific with your blog that may help you understand a little better.

  1. Submit guest blog posts to high-ranking authority sites.
  2. Write for content sites like, Squidoo, HubPages or Helium.
  3. Write high-quality content for your own blog that will encourage natural links from other bloggers.
  4. Publish ebooks and articles at Amazon for Kindle for even more exposure.
  5. Become a regular contributor on a high-ranking authority site.

Make sure that everything you publish, no matter where you publish it, contains your name and a link back to your blog and/or another relevant work you’ve published somewhere else on the web. Trust me, people will start to notice that your name seems to be popping up all over the web and it won’t be long before you’re considered to be “prolific” – for all the right reasons.

Instead of worrying about writing a 1,200-word blog post when all those words aren’t really necessary to convey your simple message, keep your posts short and sweet, and spend that extra time creating more works that you can publish all over the web. It’s only when people start recognizing the high volume of works you’ve published that they’ll start thinking of you as a prolific writer. And that’s when they’ll start looking at your blog as an authoritative source of information.


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