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Most of the guides you read that tell you how to make money blogging tell you that you need to choose a topic you’re passionate about. If that’s truly the case, then there are an awful lot of people in the world who are passionate about acne medication. Anyone can start a blog about anything. But if you want to choose a profitable topic to blog about, then you need to be passionate about making money.

Where Does Passion Come Into Play?

If your goal is to make money with your blog then you need to choose a topic that buyers are passionate about.

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If you do a search on the keyword ‘Treat Acne’ you’ll see there are almost 30 million results. You don’t see that many results because there are millions of people who are so passionate about acne medication that they simply must start blogging about it. You see those results because there are millions of people who are passionate about finding a solution to their acne problem.

Those blogging guides tell you that you need to be passionate about your topic because a blog requires lots of fresh content on a regular basis. If you’re not passionate about your topic, you’ll either get bored and give up, or your readers will be able to sense that you’re not really committed to your topic.

Writing blog posts is only a small portion of the work that goes into running a profitable blog. There’s marketing, promoting, search engine optimization, research, networking, and the list goes on. Yes, it helps if you’re interested in the topic. But running a profitable blog takes commitment and dedication, just like any other business. If you’re going to be passionate about something, be passionate about making money. The key is to choose a topic that your readers will be passionate about so they’ll visit your blog and spend money.

What Are Buyers Passionate About?

Everybody who searches the Internet is passionate about something but most buying searches will center around either solving a problem, alleviating a pain or illness, or entertainment. Pretty broad topics, to be sure, now how do you narrow it down?

Choose a topic that interests you: This has nothing to do with ‘passion.’ The only reason it helps to choose a topic you’re already interested in is because it will give you ideas about what buyers are looking for.

For example, maybe you’re interested in your local college football team and once or twice a season you go to a tailgate party. And every time you go you wish you had something you could use to keep your beer cold. How many other people at that tailgate party are wishing the same thing? Now multiply that number by the number of tailgate parties across the United States every Saturday.

There are millions of people who would happily buy a Beer Cozie with their team logo on it and that could be a very profitable blog. But are you passionate about Beer Cozies? No, you’re not. You only need one once or twice a year. You’re passionate about making money. You’re interested in football and Beer Cozies are just something you need to answer a problem that occurs when you’re watching a game.

What About The Competition?

Of course, in any business, you have to be concerned about your competitors. And there are probably dozens of other bloggers out there selling Beer Cozies. How can your blog be profitable in a such a competitive atmosphere?

Identify the niche: This is where online niche marketing comes into play. It wouldn’t make any sense to open a retail store selling nothing but Beer Cozies. You can get them in just about any convenience store in every neighborhood in town.

But, if you had a niche blog that talked about special beers for college football tailgate parties, and the food and drinks you bring along, you could make money promoting your Beer Cozies.

Be passionate: Be passionate in your drive to rise above your competition. The reason a lot of bloggers fail is because they don’t realize the amount of work involved in creating a profitable blog. Just because you have a world-wide marketplace doesn’t mean that everyone in the world is going to visit your blog and buy something. You need to do the work if you want to beat the competition.

The idea that you need to be passionate about something when it comes to choosing a profitable topic to blog about is ridiculous. You might be passionate about making mud pies but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Nor does it mean you’d be able to make a profit by selling your recipe. Choose a topic that buyers are passionate about and you’ll have much greater success.

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