Profit with Aweber 10 Tricks to a Bigger Bottom Line

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Profit with Aweber: 10 Tricks to a Bigger Bottom Line

I hate to use that tired old adage that says ‘The money is in the list‘ but it’s true.

When you’re working online email is the best way to contact existing customers and generate new leads.

If you aren’t working on generating a list right from the start you’re passing up a tremendous money-making opportunity.

If you’ve already started that list, here are 10 tricks you can use to increase your profit with Aweber.

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  1. What’s your message: Before you set up your Aweber form you need to decide how you’re going to convince people to join your list. Are you going to offer them a freebie? And if so, what will it be? Maybe you’re going to give them a free download or send them to a protected blog post. Whatever it is make it something over-the-top and compelling so your readers will jump on the opportunity to join your list.
  2. Add links to your freebie: Most marketers offer new subscribers some type of download, usually a free guide of some sort. Be sure to put links in that guide to lead to different affiliate products or even your own special offers. They may not generate any sales right away but every time that reader opens that guide your links will be right there under their nose.
  3. Plan your path: Nothing makes your readers angrier than giving your their email address and not receive the promised gift. When you configure your Aweber form you’ll need to include any links that your readers will need to collect that special offer. That means you’ll have to set up the offer first so you have the link to include and you’ll need to decide where you want to send you reader to collect it. Do you want to include it in an email or do you want to send them to a landing page with more information?
  4. Use the Aweber Fade-in form: Most readers hate pop-ups because they open in another page. But Aweber has an option for a Fade-in form that opens on the same page. All your reader has to do is click it to make it disappear. This Fade-in puts you opt-in form right there where the reader has to either join or make it go away before he can see your content.
  5. Create multiple forms: There’s nothing that says you can’t have more than one form. In fact, you can have a different form on every blog post or page on your site if you want to. Just make sure they’re all set up properly so subscribers get what you promised.
  6. Provide value with your emails: You can have 20,000 names on your list but if people aren’t interested in what you have to say you’re not going to make any sales. Provide value with your emails by filling them with quality content, not just a lot of spammy sales material. In fact, most marketers have better success with informative weekly newsletters than they do daily marketing messages. Think about it – which would you rather read?
  7. Make sure your emails get opened: Again, it doesn’t matter how many names you have on your list if no one is opening your emails. Make sure you use relevant, attention-grabbing titles but make sure you also deliver on your promises. If you’re seeing a lot of unopened emails, maybe you’re not broadcast frequently enough or maybe you’re not being consistent. Use a blog post to remind your readers to watch for your next email – and then make sure you send it.
  8. Engage your readers: Your emails don’t always have to have a sales message. Use them to engage your readers and develop a bond. Give them a link and invite them to Like your Facebook page, where you share information you don’t post on your blog. Give them your Twitter link and tell them to send you a Tweet. When you write that really killer blog post, blast out an email to tell everyone to come and read it.
  9. Share your emails: Aweber gives you the opportunity to broadcast your emails via your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which helps spread your message even more. Just check the box at the end of your email and it automatically submits when you do.
  10. Grab them on Facebook: If you already have a great Facebook fan base you can set up an Aweber form right there, too, to capture more leads. Just edit your Fan page and go to Apps to find the Aweber app. You’ll have to allow access but it’s all explained there on the page. A lot of people will follow you there without ever having seen your blog. So put an opt-in form under their noses, too.


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  1. Annetta Powell

    I am not an Aweber user but GetResponse. Both the companies offer more or less the same services and I think these tips can be easily used with anyone having a Getresponse account too.

    The Facebook application is one of the best (both Aweber and Getresponse offers this and a wonderful tool to grab all your Facebook fans.

    1. Steven

      Hello Annetta,

      Oh I didn’t know about that.. I’ve been using Aweber from a very long time and never thought of changing because they meet all my expectations in every possible area.

      Your comment will certainly help GetResponse users as well. Thanks a lot.

  2. Amit Shaw

    I am using Aweber. Started 2 weeks ago. Waiting for 200 Susbsriber then i will start my marketing Strategies.
    Let see how it will works for me.

    1. Steven

      That’s great Amit! I’m looking forward for posts sharing your experience with Email Marketing.

    2. Chuck Bartok

      Amit, why wait for 200 subscribers to build your marketing strategy plan?
      We have many HIGH converting plans with 100-400 subscribers

    3. Steven

      Hey Chuck, I like the idea of waiting until you have a given number of subscribers… This pushes you to find creative ways to get people to signup, and it’s easier to evaluate the return on your email campaign by having statistically significant data to analyze.

    4. Chuck Bartok

      Good Point Steven…..
      Our businesses do not rely on large numbers, rather repeat satisfied customers, so numbers are not as crucial as so many On-line opportunities.

    5. Amit Shaw

      Thanks for your reply Chuck.
      Yeah i am waiting because i want to promote products with Affiliate so i need a huge number of subscriber for a good conversion Right?
      I would love to hear from you some tips how to use Aweber to convert traffic from sales.
      I don’t have much idea but read Aweber’s blog Too. ..
      But Practically its not an easy job to convert traffic to sales.
      Will wait for your reply.

  3. Tim Bonner

    Hey Steven

    I use AWeber as my autoresponder and I’m gradually building a list.

    I’ve not been great at engaging with them though so your post has given me some ideas on how to do that.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Steven

      Hi Tim!

      Always glad if I can help :)

      I’m going to be posting more information about Email Marketing on Dukeo as I’ve heard feedback from readers that they don’t always understand how to do that…

      Stay tuned!

  4. Affiliate Manager

    Some great tips. I’m pretty inconsistent with my list mailing and it’s something I definitely need to improve upon. I think the more consistent you are in sending out your messages the more opens you’ll get it. People will become acquainted with seeing your newsletter in their inbox on certain days and they’ll come to expect it, which can definitely help your open rate.

    I think your initial “Thank You” email when the user first subscribes is the most important. Give them a reason you want to be excited to get your next email :)

    1. Steven

      I just read today a great post about pre-selling and the importance of the first email in your sequence. I don’t remember on which site it was but it was making some very interesting points, including the fact that the first “thank you” email you are sending should be used to get people excited about the content they’ll receive in the next emails. This way you make sure you’ll get a decent open-rate in the future :)

  5. Nathan Frazier

    The information shared here was awesome. I use aweber but was somewhat in the dark as to some of the things I could do with it; however, this blog post really opened my eyes to what I could accomplish with aweber. So glad that I came accross your site.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your kind words Nathan! It’s true that there are so many possibilities with Aweber… I’m still learning new tricks every single day.

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