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As you can see, I’m sold on the idea of posting high quantities of content. Here at Dukeo I publish three to five articles per day, 5 to 7 days per week. However, while there are many pros to this approach – increased traffic, better SEO, etc. – there are also a few cons. Here are some of the hidden “costs” I’ve discovered while posting high quantities of content.

Quality Can Suffer

If you’re not organized, producing three to five blog posts a day can really zap your creativity. It doesn’t take long for your quality to suffer. And then what? You’re publishing high quantities of poor-quality blog posts? Not good.

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I maintain an ongoing monthly posting schedule. Each day has contains three to five post ideas, along with the goal I want to achieve with each post and any keywords I want to focus on.

I also work ahead. I have at least a full week of blog posts scheduled at all times. On days I’ve got my writing cap on I produce additional blog posts and either add them as scheduled posts or put them in a file for rainy days. On those days when I don’t feel like writing I don’t have to worry about publishing something that’s less than stellar because I’ve already got it written and ready to publish.

It Can Take A Lot Of Time

I agree that writing three to five posts a day can be time consuming. However, if you’re organized like I mentioned above then that’s half the battle.

It also helps to remember that when you’re posting at this frequency your readers actually prefer shorter articles that come to the point. So those traditional long posts you’ve been writing that take hours or even days to produce aren’t necessary. One idea, one answer, one short, direct article. If you’re a true expert in your niche you can whip up a short post in 20 minutes, tops.

It Can Be Difficult For Readers To Keep Up

Publishing high quantities of posts can make it difficult for some of your readers to keep up. However, I’ve found that keeping my posts short, around 500-700 words, helps a lot. Using headings, sub-headings and bullet points helps, too. Readers short on time are able to quickly scan your post, pick out the high-points, and move on to the next.

It Can Be Difficult For Readers To Search Your Archives

The one big problem all this content creates is the mess it can make of your archives. Most blogs have 20 or 30 posts at most for each month in their archives. But if a Dukeo reader looks for a post he read last month he may have to scroll through 300 or more posts.

My solution is to use specific tags on each post to help categorize my content and when you visit my archives page you’ll see it’s broken down into months or categories, making it much easier for readers to find what they’re looking for.

The benefits of posting high quantities of posts far outweigh the costs, especially when you consider that the costs really aren’t a factor if you just plan ahead and stay organized.

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  1. Ivan De Leon

    Some people prefer to write a long post every week and invest the rest of the time promoting the old posts.

    In your case, with that kind of work (planning, writing 5-7 posts a day, tagging, etc), when do you have time to promote your blog?

    (I like your strategy… and it’s true, when you know a topic you can write faster)

  2. Malika Bourne

    Great points to consider.
    when I am tired my posts do suffer especially in unseen typos.

    I can say that when I subscribe to e-mails, I sure do not like getting 5 announcements of 5 blogs.
    I admit that I over stuffed my new blog.Now I am cutting down to 3 per week.
    thanks for your insight.

  3. Akshay

    Really Nice Article,
    i am too thinking of publishing two-three posts daily, But i have read an article from copyblogger which says that you should publish less but promote more..
    Don’t you promote your articles sir.

    1. Steven

      That’s the beauty of it… I currently publish 4/5 posts per day AND I promote them on social media! As a result I probably work many more hours than some other bloggers.

  4. Patricia Haag

    Steven – Since I subscribe to your RSS feed I see those multiple posts come out daily and am always amazed. I thought that you were possibly outsourcing some of your writing, but you state in your post that you are doing it. Wow!

    As a reader, I do prefer short posts with good points in them. Thanks for your good work.

  5. Nishant Srivastava

    Nice Post, but for a multi author blog it can be easy to publish more articles without losing the quality, but if you are managing everything then it’s impossible to publish that much in a day.

  6. Dave Lucas

    I think Google will end up penalizing you for ‘content overload’ or something stupidly similar. Cool it, bub! LOL!

  7. Robert Connor

    Congrats on 700,000 page views – your work ethic and post strategy shows that it works! Have a great day…

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