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When it comes to questions about landing pages my gut reaction is always to just shout out, “Split test it and see what happens!” But, you know, that kinda makes me sound like I don’t really care what you do so long as you leave me out of it and it doesn’t really answer your question. So let’s take a look. Should you put your landing page inside your blog or on a new domain? My answer is … that depends.

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When To Put Your Landing Page Inside Your Blog

If you’re promoting a product that’s affiliated with your blog then having the landing page inside your blog promotes the fact that it’s your personal product. Readers who’ve been following your blog will feel more comfortable buying when they see they’re still on your blog, a blog they’ve come to know and trust.

If you’re promoting someone else’s product that landing page inside your blog will still make your regular followers feel more confident buying. You must really approve of that product if you’re endorsing it right here on your blog.

Drawback: A key design element and part of the strategy for landing pages is that they lack exit points. The only way off the page is to either use your browser’s back button or click on the Buy Button. With most blog themes this isn’t an option. You’ll always have your sidebars and footer showing and they contain links. Those links provide easy exit points for readers who might still be on the fence and they can reduce your conversion rate.

An Alternative Option: Build your landing page on a sub-domain of your blog. Then you have the domain name that’s familiar to your followers and you can design your page with no sidebar links or other leaks.

When To Put Your Landing Page On A New Domain

If you’re using PPC advertising to drive traffic to that landing page then chances are most of those visitors have no idea about you or your blog. Consequently, they’re going to be less trusting if they look up and see your domain name is “” and your landing page is promoting “Tuna Tacos And Tamales” or worse, “How to Make Money Blogging.” Send PPC traffic to a landing page on a matching or keyword-rich domain.

If you’ve created your own product and you’re going to be setting up an affiliate program so others can promote for you then you’ll want to set it up on a new domain. New bloggers who don’t know about list building, and experienced bloggers who don’t care or are just in a hurry, will link directly to your landing page and, again, it’ll have more credibility on a new, matching domain.

Drawback: You’re going to have to find and then purchase a good domain name.

Non-viable alternative: Why not just send the visitor to the advertiser’s sales page? Because then you can’t capture their email address – which you can use for future marketing purposes.

Do Both And Increase Your Conversions

Personally, I believe the more landing pages you have, the better. Set them up on several domains, create different landing pages to see which one converts better, put them on your blog, in your blog, and turn them into bumper stickers if you can.

There’s absolutely no rule that says you can only have one landing page so here’s an idea.. put them in several places and split test!


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  1. Nick

    Can’t tell you how much I went back and forward with this! I finally decided that all my landing pages would be under my main blog, installed premise so all landing pages as you said will be focused and without distractions etc. I then installed the actual product which is a membership site on a sub domain so I can style it differently and have different navigation… All good fun working it out though!

    1. Steven

      It’s all about split-testing! And knowing if you want this particular product being associated with your Blog…

  2. Andi The Minion

    Interesting post, can you not create a html landing page that is uploaded to your blog so that the sidebar and links are no longer an issue but still has the landing page within your blog domain? It isn’t difficult, someone on Fiverr could do it for anyone who doesn’t have the know how.

    There are sales page/landing page templates that you can add to a WordPress theme via cpanel that allows you to chose a page template without sidebars eradicating the issue of loosing people via other links.

    Also which PPC are you referring to? As far as I was aware, Google and Facebook didn’t like you sending traffic to a landing page or squeeze page. As part of their giving users a better experience philosophies they do not want people sent to content poor email capturing pages. Or is that just here in the UK?

    1. Steven

      You can see 2 examples of specific landing pages on Dukeo: 1/ click on the link to my Pinterest guide in the sidebar, 2/ click on a link to a product review in my footer. They will both lead you to specific landing pages which are included in my WordPress theme…

      As long as your landing page is not cheesy and it states clearly what are the program requirements for the user, you can advertise on Facebook without any issue. Avoid the word “free” and explain exactly what the user can expect and what they will have to do.

    2. Andi The Minion

      Ahhh excellent thank you, I shall take a look and follow your lead :-) Thanks

  3. Si

    Also I guess it depends on what revenue you are expecting to make from the product, a new domain and hosting is what? $100 or less for the year? Not a lot really for a piece of online real estate, especially if it is going to make you a lot more back over the year…

    1. Steven

      The price is actually even lower than that since you can have several domains on the same hosting plans in most cases. So it will cost you just around $10 per year for the new domain.

  4. Nimantha

    Actually It depends. I think it’s better to go for a new domain if you promote a product under a different niche.

    Other thing is it feels like a fresh start when you bought a new domain to promote the product.

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