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Everyone procrastinates. Most of us web-workers have to deal with procrastination on a daily basis. The reason for that being that most of us work alone in front of our computer screen and there is a LOT of possible distractions, for just a few minutes…

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Wikipedia definition for procrastination is quite interesting:

Procrastination refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

We can see that there are two situations when we are facing procrastination: either when we are starting a new project or when we need to finish another task. We put things aside because we don’t want to do them, at least for now, or because we have too many things on our to-do list. Postponing the things that you have to do is totally human.

However, procrastination can really slow down your business, and even put you out of business if it’s too hard for you to get things done. Waiting for the last minute to do your things is not a good way to go. If you’re going to wait before writing your new blog post, then you won’t have time to proofread your writings, thus you could make big mistakes.

Procrastination can appear has an ok-thing in the beginning. When you are just starting your online business, spending a few nights online to get things done can seem fun because you’re pushed by a rush of adrenaline due to the proximity of your deadlines. But in the long run, this can be very counter-productive and it can drain your energy.

Some people are ok with their own procrastination. But let’s be honest: I don’t think they will get anywhere with their business if they don’t take it seriously and always wait for the last minute to do their work.

The problem is that procrastination can leave you overwhelmed with work to do and discourage you. Luckily for you, there is a solution to procrastination.

You may remember that in a previous post I explained to you that Success is impossible without setting your Goals. This is the key to dealing with procrastination.

Every time I receive an email from a friend or I am about to connect to MSN, I ask myself what is the most important thing to me: having fun for a few hours chatting with some friends whom i’ll see next weekend anyway, or reaching my goals in the long term.

You guessed it, the choice is easy to make: I want to reach my goal, whatever it takes, and disconnecting from Msn or Facebook is a small price compared to the upcoming success.

Be kind to yourself: next time you are about to connect to Msn or spend a few hours on Facebook, just think again about what really matters to you and what you want to achieve.

Now do you want to to hit the play button for the following video about Procrastination, or do you want to get back to work? (evil mode)

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  1. Flash Games

    I literally waste hours daily procrastinating. I am yet to find a solution to stop this huge productivity leak which contribute in taking my business down…

    1. Steven

      I used to have this problem too but the situation is getting better every day. Just try to focus on your Goals, that’s the key!

  2. First Website

    Damn I lost 4:18 of my life because of your video!

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