Prioritize You’ll Never Get Everything Done, and That’s Ok

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It’s a funny thing, blogging. The more you learn, the more you realize you still have so much more to learn. And as you learn you keep adding new things to do to your daily Things-To-Do list. Eventually you may reach a point where you feel overwhelmed. You’re not getting everything done any more because you just have too much to do. But that’s OK. That means you’re moving your business in the right direction.


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One of the attractions of blogging is that just about anyone can start their own business and you don’t need to hire help like you would if you decided to open a restaurant or a boutique. And you can easily grow that business while you’re still working your full-time job.

Once you start learning about different aspects of blogging you’ll find that, in order to build a long-term sustainable income, one that will allow you to quit that full-time job, you’re going to have to learn so much more. Like how to generate traffic, how to create top-quality content, how to research a market, and even how to create your own products. Anyone can make money with a blog but if you want to earn that larger income then you even have to learn how to run a business.

Now, any successful business person will tell you that one of the secrets to success is organization, and you may have already established your own blogging routine. If you’re like me, you have at least two To-Do lists. One is for things you need to do and the other is for things you want to do when you can work them into your daily To-Do list. Both lists are equally important if you want to be a successful blogger.

Establishing a routine and getting everything done every day is easy when you’re just getting started. But gradually you’re going to start to see both of your To-Do lists are a little longer every week. You’ll see something on someone else’s blog that you want to try on yours and you’ll add it to that future list. Then you’ll hear about a new marketing or traffic technique and add those to the list, too.

As you learn all the different components of these new techniques, gradually they’ll migrate over to your daily list. Both lists will keep growing and growing and one day you’ll look up to see that your business has grown, too, right along with your lists. You’re making money now, you’ve developed multiple streams of income and you have traffic coming in from all over the Web. And now you have so much to do it seems like you never get everything done!

Is it time to sit back and relax now? Heck no! Now it’s time to start hiring some employees to take care of that daily To-Do list so you can start focusing on the future. Because it’s that future list that keeps your business moving forward. When you’re business is blogging you don’t want to ever “get everything done.” You want to keep building for the future.

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  1. Anne Galivan

    Interesting concept. Helpful and encouraging as well. If you really want to have purpose in life, in general, then you will never be “done.” You will keep growing as a person, reaching new goals, etc.

    Applied to blogging, specifically, gives it a new perspective (at least for me). I do get frustrated at times that even as I check things off my lists, they keep growing. My two lists are for my household duties (I’m a full-time mom) and my freelance writing (my business). I will try now to view as a good thing the fact that there are always new things to implement, new goals to reach, new people to connect with, etc. At least I can try! :)

    1. Steven

      Hello Anne, thank you for your comment.

      The main problem that I’m seeing, is that people tend to over-complicate things and build up stress before even getting started. If you keep adding things to your to-do list but procrastinate, it’s very stressful and as time goes by, you’re getting less and less things done.

      Focus on the most important things to do today, and leave everything else for tomorrow…

  2. Bobbi Klein

    Great advice Steven! I learned the same principal when I lived in Spain 3 years ago. Get what has to be done today finished, and the rest can wait until tomorrow. It’s the entire concept of “Mañana, mañana.” I believe there are more people in the US that could use this practice in their lives.

    1. Steven

      Hey Bobbi, I didn’t know about the “Mañana, mañana.” thing. Thanks or sharing this :)

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