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While digital marketing is promoted as the future of business, the fact remains that print media continues to be an effective way to market to your customer base.

In fact, there are cases where print media is more effective than digital advertising.

Let’s learn more about marketing your business through print media.


If you have a brick-and-mortar location, odds are that you have a sign.

It is essential for ensuring that your customers, clients and suppliers can find you.

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It also advertises your business to everyone in the proximity.

Large hanging signs can increase foot-traffic and people who choose to stop by to take a look, when you use it to advertise a sale or grand opening.

While printed canvas banners aren’t what everyone would consider print media, the fact that you can generally order it at the same print shop creating 500 printed mailers makes them worth mentioning.


Flyers are incredibly versatile.

You can paste them in windows where permanent signage isn’t allowed.

You can put them up on doors and telephone poles, putting them in the line of sight of pedestrians where you wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to put up advertisements.

You can hand them out to people entering your store.

This makes them a great way to promote excess inventory or items you need to move quickly like seasonal or perishable goods.

And you can mail them out to your customers, whether you send them individually or include them in invoices.

While stuffing flyers into envelopes can be time consuming if you don’t have the right equipment for it, it remains a low-cost marketing method that is ideal for hyper-local campaigns.

Business Cards

Business cards remain the ultimate business marketing tool for the service industry.

Whether you’re a hair salon operator, a financial planner or attorney, you should be using a business card designer to create branded business cards to share with current and potential clients.

Business cards can be included in correspondence and handed out at networking events.

You can give them to people you talk to casually and leave them on a display case in the front of your office so that visitors can take one as they leave.


Stickers are a surprisingly versatile for of print marketing.

Put branded stickers on generic store-bought packaging to increase brand awareness and add put a personal touch on the transaction.

Use stickers put up on bulletin boards or walls to promote your product or service.

And you can use stickers to highlight key features of a product or service.

Label items that are on sale, eco-friendly, locally produced or have some other key feature.

This can help them stand out on the shelf and get sold faster.

And it can be done to highlight features that matter to your customers but aren’t strong enough on the original packaging.

If you’re selling homemade items, then stickers allow you to brand the items and label them with important information without having to invest in more expensive formal packaging.

For example, you can put stickers with your company name and URL on baked goods wrapped in plastic or soap wrapped in biodegradable wrappers.


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