Premium Web Directories Is It Really Worth The Price?

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One way in which a lot of WordPress SEO specialists build links is to sign up to premium website directories. These directories are full of business names and contact information as well as links to their websites. They’re basically like telephone books, but an internet incarnation of them. In this article we’re going to explore whether or not premium directories are worth the money.

Before we look at premium directories, it’s worth mentioning Dmoz: It’s one of the oldest directories on the net and prior to the invention of search engines, Dmoz was a popular choice for people looking for “things” online. Dmoz listings don’t cost a dime but they can be hard to obtain – before you start paying for premium directory submissions make sure you request a submission to Dmoz first.

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How do Premium Directories benefit your website?

Submissions to website directories benefit your website in two main ways – the first one is SEO. By adding your site to high PageRank (PR), premium directories, your site will start to build some PR itself. PR is crucial in terms of SEO. The links themselves are said to be devalued by a previous search engine update, but a lot of SEO experts out there dispute this fact. It’s possible to rank a website for an easy to medium difficulty keyword using just a handful of premium website directory submissions.

The second benefit that business directories bring to your website is the referral traffic they send. Believe it or not there are still people out there who use directories instead of search engines when looking for specific sites or services. If your website can be found in popular premium website directories, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot of traffic from the link alone. Remember directories are like the modern version of phone books!

If you want to add your sites to some of the best directories on the web but you don’t want to pay full price, make sure you scout around for a discount coupon. The majority of directories out there have a field where a discount coupon can be entered in order to give you money off your submission (sometimes these coupons make the submission free). Different directories release coupons at different times, although you’ll find that Black Friday is one popular time of year where lots of coupons come out.

If you don’t want to pay full price for premium website directory submissions, make sure you hold out until the next opportunity to use a discount code comes around. Some directories that are part of larger networks may also offer a bulk submission discount if you have your site posted on each directory in their network – this is also worth looking into.

Whether you’re paying full price of using a discount code, using premium web directories in moderation can be a very beneficial thing to do. Remember the SEO benefit nowadays is negligible, or so SEO specialists will tell you, but the benefit of the click-through traffic that they provide is plain for all to see.

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