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All of the most popular networks out there offer PPC coupons – these coupons are ideal for you to use when you first setup an account.

They’re there to give people a “taster” of what to expect – but they’re also a great way to save a significant amount of money.

PPC isn’t always cheap to setup, so if cash flow is a real worry for you, it makes sense to use a PPC coupon when you first start out.

Networks including Bing Ads, AdWords and Facebook all offer coupons so make sure you search high and low for one before you have to start spending real money.

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Obtaining coupons

You’ll find a few shady websites out there that sell PPC coupons. Purchasing coupons is a bit of a grey area, so where possible you should look to get your coupons from a trusted source.

A lot of PPC experts out there can offer new clients a coupon – they are given the coupons by the network in question so that they can entice new customers to use their services.

Another great place to find coupons is through your hosting company – when you log in to Cpanel on a lot of hosts you’ll find various links for you to click in order for you to obtain a complete free coupon for one of the major networks.

There are coupons all around you – you don’t have to buy one. Make sure you search high and low and your efforts will be rewarded.

Bear in mind that the majority of PPC coupons available out there are for use on new accounts only – but sometimes coupons for existing accounts do popup so keep a look out for them.

Testing campaigns

If you’re not hiring a PPC expert to run your paid click campaigns for you it’s even more important that you use coupons.

Once you start to run your campaigns using real money it’s possible to see a marketing budget used up overnight with very few results.

Even PPC experts require a month or two in order to locate high quality keywords in a niche – only after this interim period will they really start to crack the nut, driving in a lot of conversions and leads on your website.

Campaigns need to be tested initially and if you can do that without using your own money then that’s great. Campaigns must also be split tested frequently.

Split testing is basically where users are monitored once they hit your website – you then use their behavior to improve your website. Split testing involves silly things like color schemes and the location of buttons – these all have a huge impact on conversion rates on a website.

By properly tracking visitors and using the data that you collect to increase conversion rates there’s no reason why a PPC campaign can’t be profitable.

Just remember to take advantage of the coupons out there in order to get some free advertising credit in those early days.

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