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Some people will tell you that the key to success in the pay per click arena is to throw large sums of money at it, day after day.

This might have a slight bit of truth to it, but the real truth is that PPC campaigns are never complete – therefore you always need to be exploring ideas and ways in which you can improve your existing PPC campaigns to make them more profitable.

In this article we’re going to look at ways in which your campaign should be constantly tweaked and improved so that you can drive for greater profits all of the time, whilst also looking to minimise the cost of your PPC campaign.

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  • Manually set bids: If you let the PPC network automatically set bids you could end up paying well over the odds for traffic. If you can manually set the bids you’re able to keep an eye on exactly how much clicks are costing you. You can then decide whether these clicks are too expensive so that you can divert the budget elsewhere, or whether you want to continue increasing your bid to remain competitive for these keywords.
  • Split testing: This involves improving your website constantly to vastly increase the chances of people converting into a sale or lead once they click through from your advert. Split testing takes into account a whole array of different factors from the colour scheme of your website, to the layout and the buttons used. It’s important to split test different configurations – once you find a winning configuration play around with it some more and split test those variances of it.
  • Always look for new keywords: PPC companies will throw suggested keywords at you like there’s no tomorrow. Weed through these for really good suggestions – don’t just roll with whatever they give you. You should also use keyword analysis tools to flag up your own keyword suggestions too.
  • Improve ad copy: Just like split testing your website itself, you also need to split test the ad copy that you use to maximise the click through rate as well as the conversion rate. If your ad copy is dull and boring people will click on competing adverts. Make sure your ad copy – and your headlines in particular stand out.

These are just a few suggestions that should definitely keep you busy.

The initial setup of a PPC campaign is obviously where most of the work comes in, but you still have to complete the on-going maintenance of the campaign in order to ensure that it remains competitive.

A lot of new people join PPC networks on a daily basis – leaving your campaign for just a month is a long time because things change, user habits change and costs change.

Keep on top of your PPC campaign – if you don’t feel like you have the time to keep ahead of the pack make sure you hire a PPC expert who can give your campaign the time and love that it needs.

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