PPC Budget Wasted Here Are Five Reasons Why

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Pay per click (PPC) online marketing can be a black hole for cash if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Lots of the major PPC networks all have really friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI) that try to convince anyone that they can set up a profitably PPC campaign in super quick time – even with no prior experience or knowledge of how PPC works.

Don’t let any PPC networks lure you into this false sense of security – because PPC can be a huge waste of money if you’re not careful.

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In this article we’re going to look at five of the top reasons for PPC spend being wasted.

Whether you’re new to PPC or you’ve been working on it for years, you should definitely find some helpful advice in here somewhere that will enable you to take your campaigns to the next level in terms of profitability.

Targeting the wrong keywords: If you’re targeting buyers searching for the term “headphones”, it’s a good idea to bid on keywords like “cheap headphones”, “headphones reviews” and even “free headphones”, right? Well actually no.

This kind of traffic is what’s known as junk traffic – it will have a tiny conversion rate on your website yet you’ll be paying top dollar for this targeted traffic.

Make sure you use negative keywords in your PPC campaign setup to avoid driving useless traffic like this to your website.

Your Quality Score is too low: Just a few hours spent improving the Quality Score on your website can lead to much lower costs per click (CPC).

A lot of people know that their website has a poor Quality Score but they do very little about it.

Let’s be clear here: A high quality score can shave a lot of money off of your PPC spend (whilst putting your ad in an even higher position!).

Your website isn’t optimized for conversions: If you’re serious about making PPC traffic profitable your website needs to run like a well oiled sales machine.

Make sure you carry out frequent split testing to monitor user behavior – and make sure you do everything within your power to turn everyone who hits your website into a customer.

You can have the best traffic in the world, but if your website is rubbish, that traffic just won’t convert.

Traffic is sent to a 404 page: 404 pages are pages that don’t exist on your website because they’ve been renamed or removed for some reason.

Unbelievably there are companies out there who send expensive traffic to 404 pages on their website! Make sure you monitor where traffic is being sent to ensure that the pages are live.

Your campaign just isn’t profitable: There are various niches where a PPC campaign just cannot be profitable.

If you have a very small margin on the products or services that you’re selling, it’s possible for the cost of PPC to outweigh profits. If this is the case you’re definitely wasting your spend because you’re making a loss.

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  1. Howard Lee Harkness

    I would consider PPC to be an “advanced” technique, not to even be considered by someone with less than a couple of years of experience at internet marketing.

    Actually, *I* have more than a couple of years of experience at IM, and I’m no longer interested at all in that particular method of rapidly losing large wads of money.

    PPC is a lot of work, involving lots of careful study, and *still* involves the high probability of costly error.

    1. Steven

      I disagree. I was doing PPC before doing any kind of blogging and I made bank from it.

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