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Interlinking your posts is essential if you want your posts to rank high in search engines.

Linking from your newer posts to content in your archives, and linking from your archived posts outward.

And of course, first we need to talk about why you should do this and then how you should do it.

So let’s get started.

1. Benefits of Interlinking Your Posts

1a. Adds Value For Your Readers

You know yourself that one question often leads to another.

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Send your readers to additional relevant information on your blog so they don’t have to go somewhere else to get the next answer.

It adds value for your readers and increases your authority.

1b. Makes Your Blog Stickier

Interlinking also makes your blog stickier.

When readers find answers to questions they tend to stick around longer and read more of your blog.

1c. Increases Page Views

If you’re selling direct ad space on your blog, interlinking increases page views, making your blog more attractive to advertisers.

1d. Improves Your SEO

A strong internal linking structure also makes your blog look better to the search engines.

While internal links don’t contribute as much as incoming links, they do have some effect on your page rank.

2. How to Interlink Your Posts

2a. Use a “Related Posts” plug-in

A “Related Posts” plug-in will add a list of relevant linked titles at the end of every post.

There are several plug-ins available and most will sort with tags, categories or keywords, and you can select the number of titles to display.

When you add a plug-in to your blog it automatically appears on all posts, including all the posts in your archives.

2b. Create text links inside posts

Using text links inside your post to lead readers to relevant content sometimes works better than a related posts plug-in, especially for readers who only scan your content and don’t necessarily make it all the way to the end.

Text links inside the post look more natural, and if your readers visit a lot of blogs they see those “related posts” at the end of every post they read and there’s a tendency to ignore them, like they do ads.

2c. Link to new posts from your archives

Don’t forget to dig into your archives and link out to new content, too, especially when you’re updating older content.

3. What Else Can You Do?

3a. Create list posts

Once a month create a “Top 10 Popular Posts” post and highlight it in your sidebar.

3b. Create compilation posts

Create and “Everything you always wanted to know about XYZ” post and link to everything about XYZ.

3c. Create category posts

Create a post for beginners and link to everything they need to know to get started.

Create a “jargon” post and link to all your posts that define the different industry-related terms you use.

Now that you have plenty of ideas to work with, dig into your archives and start interlinking your posts.

Don’t forget to come back here and tell us how you’re doing!

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  1. Johnny Bravo

    Great ideas. I’m going to try my first “Top April Posts” this month and plan to continue moving forward. Such a great idea to keep old posts alive. And then after the end of the year, best of 2013. But why I need help figuring out is should I post the best based on comments or views?

  2. Michael Burrows

    It’s also worth checking out the Automatic SEO Links plugin for WordPress. It allows you to link keywords with url’s so when a matching keyword appears in a post it’s automatically linked to the corresponding post.

  3. Jennifer Cunningham

    I did my homework and linked two older posts to my newest post. I’m excited to see if there will be even a small change. I was reading a post and commenting this evening. And the post just made me sad because I ran to implement it and registered for several paid posting sites. The message came back that I wasn’t listed for ranking with any of the top 20 keywords. That’s true. But I am just as proud of the 400 visitors a day that come to a new blog that’s only 3 months old. Hopefully, that wasn’t a sidebar conversation. I’m thinking that as I get better with linking to some authority sites the traffic will grow. I thought that was the point of this homework.

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