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This question is probably one of the most asked question by people who are looking into starting their own blog: “how often should I post fresh content to my blog?”. This is probably one of the toughest question for a blogger especially because you have to ask it to yourself from the very start of your blog.

blog posting frequency

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The path you’ll take will have huge consequences on your blog impact in the community and it will certainly make a difference in the long run.

Less Is More

The true question behind this is to ask yourself how often you want your visitors to drop by. If you want your visitors to visit your site on a daily basis, you’ll have to spoon-feed them with some fresh content to give them a reason to come so often.

Of course, if you set a schedule which does only include 1 post per week, it will be a lot easier to stick to it, but on the other hand you can’t seriously hope for your visitors to come on a daily basis.

Here is a list of a few positive and negative aspects of posting on your blog only once or twice a week.


  • Your blog doesn’t take all of your time
  • You have more time to promote your blog on forums and other blogs
  • You will feel less stress since you don’t have to produce too much content


  • You visitors will most likely visit your bog only once or twice a week
  • Your competition might be posting content more often than you and get the edge because of that
  • Your blog may look kind of inactive
  • If you don’t keep enough momentum, you might lose your motivation to keep your blog alive

If you make so few updates on your blog, it will probably be hard to keep it running. Even if you are extremely busy with other projects, you should try to post new stuff as much as possible.

Serial Poster

On the opposite side of the scope, you can find a bunch of people who are having some written diarrhea and keep producing more than 4 or 5 times per day (yeah you read that right)!

People who are totally new to blogging may fall into this category quite easily because when you are just starting a blog and having high hopes for it, the motivation can push you to believe that it will be easy to keep such a posting frequency.

Here is a list of a few positive and negative aspects of posting on your blog 4 or 5 times per day.


  • Your visitors will most likely return every single day
  • Your motivation is so high in the beginning that you believe you could even move mountains
  • Your blog looks extremely active


  • Once the motivation starts to get down, it’s very hard to keep up
  • Your visitors may not have the time to read all of your posts
  • Some valuable content may not receive the exposure it deserves
  • You are risking to get burned off and abandon your blog

As you can see, being too agressive in your posting frequency at the beginning can end up pretty badly for your whole blogging experience.

Balance is Everything

The conclusion is quite simple: posting too few updates will make it hard to stay motivated and keep your blog alive, while posting too much from the start may hurt your motivation in the long run.

All in all, you have to pick a posting frequency that you will be able to stick to, no matter what. If at some point you get carried away and write more posts than needed by your schedule, put these posts in a buffer that you will use on your bad days. We are not machines after all!

Let’s take the example of Dukeo: I’m publishing one new post every single day like clockwork. However I do not write posts every single day. If you were able to take a look at my admin area, you’d see that I have an impressive number of posts pre-written that I use when I don’t feel like writing. I usually have one day per week which is fully dedicated to writing blog posts (between 6 and 10 posts on good days). The rest of the week, I just visit to check if there are comments and to answer any questions my readers could have.


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  1. Liz

    LOL@ “written diarrhea”!! Too funny!!! You’re totally in the right though, less is definitely more because people don’t want to read your sh*t if it’s all the time everyday. Plus no matter how motivated you are, chances are the writing that fast will make the content and quality suffer, and then you’ve really dug yourself into a hole!

    1. Anon

      Written diarrhea is the worst kind of diarrhea. No one wants to read someone’s shit. You’re totally right, it will be apparent to everyone who comes to your blog that you really don’t write quality content, and that your just word-vomiting with no real substance. It’s a turn-off, believe me.

    2. Liz

      Yuck, total turn off. There’s nothing sexy about it! That’s why you want to polish your shit and make it look nice and pretty so people will want to read it more! lol

    3. Mitch

      Wow, you guys. This thread took a wrong turn to Grossville. Haha! Definitely entertaining though!

  2. Gorman

    This is a really big deal for bloggers, and it’s really cool that you’ve broken it down like this, not just for the newbs, but to remind us veterans that there is a lot to consider when writing your blog’s posts.

  3. Shad

    Dude, you have pre-written posts?? That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard. I always find myself scrambling to get a post written or I just ditch that post altogether if life is too stressful, which I know is a HUGE no-no. I’m going to start pre-writing mine too. I think you’re the smartest guy I know. Or I guess “know” haha.

  4. Sarah

    If you’re serious about being a blogger, your blog needs to be your baby: It needs attention, it needs to be well-fed, and it suffers if you leave it alone for too long. In my opinion. Especially when you’re first starting out, baby blogs need your attention very very often. Once you get more established I would definitely agree that less is more.

    1. Affmaster

      I think this is true to a certain extent. You don’t want to end up smothering your blog with too much attention, that will end up making some readers pass it up. Give it room to breathe and stretch, and it also gives you a break! Like the post says, it’s all about balance.

    2. Sarah

      I do see what you’re saying, but it’s also about personality. This is my way of doing it and I’m pretty happy with the way things are. You’re right though, I don’t think I’m giving myself enough breaks. :/ It couldn’t hurt to change things up and try something new!

  5. Michelle

    I like that: Balance is Everything. So Zen, and so very true. In the end its up to the writer to make the call, and just see what happens after that! This is very good advice and info for a new blogger, so helpful. :)

    1. Chris

      I definitely agree, and it can be hard to find the right balance for you and your blog, but no one said blogging was easy, right?

  6. Dana

    Oh my lord, 4 to 5 times a day?!? Do they do anything else?? I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have that kind of time on my hands. Plus readers absolutely hate that! I hope you told the people in those cases to cut it out!

    1. Mitch

      I have a friend who used to do that. It was like, any time she got an idea for a post, she’s whip out her laptop and type it out, and POST IT RIGHT THERE! It was not only annoying if you were hanging out with her at the time, but it was totally cluttering up her blog! Now if she gets an idea, she’ll type it and save it for a later post. She definitely learned her lesson.

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