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Post Series: How Can They Help Your Blog?

Searching for fresh ideas for your blog posts can be an extremely time-consuming task. Moreover, what about the days when you are simply not inspired?

I’ve already said it a couple time: post frequency and consistency are two of the keys of your blogging success. So, how can you post frequently, on a regular basis, without spending hours searching for new topics?

The answer is made of only 2 words: post series.

I remember when I launched Dukeo back in January 2011, I used to have a SEO post series every Monday. It was all based on a SEO Guide I had written a year before so I had my post ideas scheduled for about 3 months for every Monday. On Tuesdays, I was making post in the “Who is” series about famous people in the make money online / affiliate industry. Every Sunday since Dukeo start, I am posting an inspiring Quotes series. A couple months ago, I introduced 2 series called “Learn Internet Marketing From…” and “How To Make Money Online With…“. Moreover, at the end of every month, I am posting in 2 series: Blog Earnings Report and Traffic Report.

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Do you start to see my point? This idea of making post series has a lot of advantages, the first one being that you don’t need to find a fresh idea for every post. The second pros is that it’s like setting a meeting with someone: people get used to your schedule and they are eagerly waiting for your posts to see what will happen. Another pros can be easily illustrated with my Traffic and Earnings report: I do not write a complete new post each month. Parts of the post (the introduction and the general structure) are just copy/pasted. This saves me a lot of time and allow me some free time to find ideas for the other days!

Try to schedule some post series and I’m sure it will help you improve your blogging experience by saving you some time and will remove some stress when you are lacking inspiration.


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