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Take a look at most blogs and you’ll see that most of the information is in the form of blog posts instead of pages. While the WordPress SEO on the pages is certainly important, most of your organic traffic is going to individual posts so it’s even more important to make sure the SEO on each post is up to par. Here are the four key WordPress SEO factors on single post pages that you need to be aware of.

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Only show full posts on the single post page

Let’s say you have a blog post titled, “How To Build A Better Mousetrap.” When you pull up that single post page you’ll see that post in its entirety. But if it also shows up in its entirety somewhere else on your blog, perhaps on an archive page or on the category page ,then the search engines could look upon it as duplicate content. So set up your posts so only excerpts appear on category and archive pages. For most blogs you can adjust this in your settings.

Use dynamic title tags

Your blog’s title tag is the title that shows up at the top of the page, above your address bar. This should reflect only the concise title of your blog post. In some cases you’ll see your post title, the title of your blog and maybe even your blog’s tag line. All of that information is unnecessary and dilutes the information for the search engines. Change you title tag in your blog’s setting menu or, if necessary, you may have to go into the php files. Be sure you’re focusing on only your keywords and title.

Permalink structure

Your permalinks should also be as short and concise as possible. The search engines don’t read special characters so set your permalinks so they use words, not numbers, symbols or characters. This makes your URL carry your keywords. It’s not necessary to include dates or category information.

Use H1 title tags

Most search engines place emphasis on H1, H2, and H3 tags. Use H1 tags because inside your site the titles are the most important information you want the search engines to pick up. To make sure your blog uses H1 tags for titles simply view page source on one of your post pages and look to see which tags are being used on titles.

Most of the traffic that arrives at your individual post pages is going to come through the search engines. Your direct visitors will most likely come through your home page, and referral traffic will arrive at a specified link. But capturing that organic search traffic means you need to focus on SEO on your post pages so the search engines can zero in on your content.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Oh going in right now to get a summary plug in, did not know about the dupe rule but it makes sense. Thanks!

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Ryan!

  2. Lisa

    Steven, where in the settings would we make that adjustment? Thanks!

    1. Steven

      For some reason, I can find the setting for RSS feed but not for the Homepage… What you can do is edit your index.php file and replace: the_content() with the_excerpt(). It should to the trick.

  3. Astro Gremlin

    I learned something from these very solid tips. My titles include my blog site title, a “feature” I intend to change today. Appreciated.

    1. Steven

      Hey I’m glad it helped!

  4. Gonzo The Great

    .. some good tips, just a little nitpick here: Why do you use for your Single Post titles?

    1. Steven

      Really?! For single post titles, you use the post title…

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