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Post Ideas System: Use a Repetitive System to Generate Ideas

When you write as much as I do you need to come up with a system or you’re in big trouble. I write for multiple blogs, I publish articles, I guest blog and I publish on other platforms, so I’m constantly in need of good ideas. In keeping with the Blogger’s Creed to wash, rinse and repeat, I’ve found a repetitive system to generate ideas for blog posts that guarantees I’ll always have the perfect topic for my next masterpiece.

Write a high-quality list post for my blog: The first step in my system is to create an in-depth, high-quality list post and it must contain a minimum of 10 items. If it has 30 or 75 or 100, so much the better, so long as it all falls under the same topic umbrella. This list post gets published on my blog and will eventually become one of my blog’s pillar posts, strong content that supports my blog.

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That list post now becomes the basis for at least a week’s worth of content. If there are 10 items on that list then I now have at least 10 new articles to write, one for each item on the list.

Depending on your niche and the items you’ve included on your list, these 10 articles could be How-To articles or review articles or just informative articles that give more information about that particular item. You can also make a Top 3 list and a Top 5 list from that same original article.

While I’m at it, I might turn one of those How-To articles into a mini-eBook that I can promote across some of my different properties. This is especially helpful because a lot of platforms won’t allow you to link out to an advertiser’s sales page, you can only link to your own domain.

Depending on how frequently you post to your blog and how much content you need for other properties, one good list post could provide you with enough fodder for one week, two week, or maybe a whole month and the linkbuilding opportunities you create are phenomenal.

  • Make sure you link all your blog posts back to the original link post.
  • Make sure you link all your off-site properties back to the original link post and the homepage of your blog
  • Highlight that original link post in your sidebar – it’s going to be very popular!
  • Make sure each of your articles and properties, where possible, also includes an opt-in form so subscribers can get your new mini eBook.

Once you’ve squeezed every blog post idea possible out of that original list article, it’s time to start over – wash, rinse and repeat. With this system the hardest thing you ever have to do is come up with an idea for that list article. But since you’ll have a least a week or more before you need it, you should have more ideas than you’ll know what to do with. You only think you don’t have anything to blog about today. Get started on that list article and you’ll never run out of ideas again.


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  1. Sam Sherman

    Hey Steven,

    Thanks for the tips. So I just want to confirm that when guest blogging, you should link back to the original content from your own site PLUS the root domain? So have a total of two links back to your site? And ideally do you recommend having those links at the top of the blog post?

    1. Steven

      These are just best practices, but they actually depends of the blog you are guest posting on. Everyone has their own rules when it comes to guest blogging…

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