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Popup Domination Review: Interruption Marketing Done Right

Thinking about getting Popup Domination but not sure if it really works? Seriously. Don’t people really hate those popups and won’t it just make your visitors run screaming from your site? Don’t worry. It’s a basic, standard marketing technique. It’s called Interruption Marketing and advertisers have been using it for years.

In basic marketing terms, Popup Domination works just like a TV commercial or an advertisement in a magazine. People are focused on watching their favorite program or reading that exciting magazine article when, BAM!, there’s a commercial or an ad, right there in the middle. They sit through the commercial and read the ad because they want to get back to the good stuff.

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And interruption advertising is everywhere – on the sides of buses, on the outfield walls at baseball and soccer games, on billboards and the sides of buildings. Advertisers have been using it for years so yeah, it works.

But how well does it work on a website, where people don’t have to stick around unless they really want to? Let’s face it – the next best video or blog is just a click away. So again, the question is – don’t popup ads just scare your readers away? Or are they really effective?

When used properly a popup ad is just as effective as any other form of interruption advertising. The key words there are ‘When Used Properly‘. You’ve probably noticed that TV commercials always come at a key moment during the program. You’re poised on the edge of your seat, waiting to see the identity of the murderer and BAM!, there’s the commercial. You sit through it because you know, immediately after that commercial’s over you’ll see who really committed the crime.

And magazine ads always popup up in the middle of the best part of the article. You’re about to see what Hilary Clinton really thinks about Bill or what Justin Bieber really looks for in a girlfriend when BAM! There’s an ad for Skechers! It’s irritating, but you look at it because you have to if you want to see what’s on the next page.

If you want to see killer results when you use Popup Domination you have to think along those same lines with your content. You wouldn’t put an ad after every singe page in a magazine and you shouldn’t have a popup on every single page or post in your blog, either.

And even more important – what are your readers seeing before they see your popup? In other words, is you popup relevant to the reason your reader is visiting that page? If a reader clicks on a link to see information about the health benefits of asparagus, and your popup is an offer for a free How To Make Money Online guide, then yeah – they’re going to click away.

There’s also the question of the appearance of your popup and that’s where Popup Domination really rises above all the rest. The recent revision added in even more templates and now you have 8 different themes to choose from in 15 different colors. You also get the PSD source files so you can completely customize the appearance. And PD greys out the entire screen, too, which looks much more professional than some of those ugly little blockers you see pop up around the Web.

But Popup Domination has a lot of other options. For example, you can now use it on WordPress themes or any other stand-alone website. You can sync it up with Aweber, iContact or any other email service provider. You can have your opt-in form popup when the page loads, you can have it wait a few seconds or you can pop up on exit to help decrease your lost traffic.

One of the key features of Popup Domination is the ability to select which pages or posts it appears on. It might not be appropriate to have that popup on every single page of your blog. In fact, you may actually chase readers away if you’re blocking their access to informative content vs your selling content.

Does Popup Domination really help you increase opt-ins and grow your list? Of course it does. And it does it better than any other popup software out there. But it would be ridiculous to try to guarantee a number like you see in so many other reviews. If your site only gets 15 visitors a day it seems kind of ridiculous to promise you’ll have 1,000 new subscribers by the end of the first week.

But create some killer content and put a Popup Domination ad right there in the middle? You bet! It’s Interruption Marketing at it’s best!


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