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Popular Inspiration: Using Other Sites to Get Content Ideas

The toughest part of being a blogger is developing content. This is especially true if you update your site daily. Creating a new post each day can be tiring and frustrating. Eventually you feel like you have run out of material and you just do not know what to say. It may sound easiest to just skip a day or two. However, that can hurt your success as your readers expect you to consistently post. That leaves you wondering how to find the right ideas for content. One way to do this is to take advantage of various popular websites. If you do this properly you can have plenty of content ideas and still be original and fresh.

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Knowing which sites to use can be difficult. You have such a large variety of popular sites to select from that it can be difficult to choose. Part of the decision should be based on your blog’s topic. Obviously you want the content you create to be in line with the theme and idea of your blog. That helps you to rule out many sites because their content would be on topics that would not relate to your blog in any way. In general you can use forums, social media, other blogs, news sites and other popular websites to find content ideas. If it is being talked about on these sites then you can feel confident that people are searching for it and will go to your blog to read more about it.

What you do have to remember is that you do not want to completely take your content from another site. Not only is it ethically wrong, it will not provide your readers with any new information. Why would they visit your site if they could get the same information elsewhere? Instead you want to find an idea on these sites and revamp it in your own style and way of communicating. Find a new take on the current information and explore it. Then you are providing something new and fresh with your post that entices readers to see what you have to say.

Along those same lines, you want to provide more than those alternative sites as well. After all you want people to look to your blog as a source of information. This means you have to know as much about the topic as possible. Read many different sources, find your own take and then provide a detailed post that cannot be found anywhere else online. Your readers will be pleased and you will have unique content that was simple to find and create.

Being able to produce daily content on a blog can be difficult. That is why many bloggers find themselves looking to other sites for inspiration. This allows you to get new and creative ideas so that you do not end up with nothing to say. Readers expect new and relevant information on a consistent basis. Knowing where to find this and how to tweak it so that yours is better is part of the art form known as successful blogging.

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  1. Liz

    UGH this is SO TRUE. I find myself scratching my head more often than not. Sometimes I go out into the world, even just to buy noodles or something and try to get inspiration from that. Or I write about my cat hahah. These ideas are much better though!

  2. Shad

    You got it, brother, inspiration don’t always come easy. I think I like this idea though. I mean, I do generally surf the web a bit to see what’s current and try to apply that, but more often that not I end up getting distracted and way off topic.

  3. John

    This is a very good method to break that pesky writer’s block. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorman

    It’s true, Content is King, and if you have subscribers you’ve gotta keep them happy. I’ve definitely used other sites to draw inspiration for new posts. It’s important not to just copy and paste or even paraphrase alone though.

  5. Affmaster

    @Gorman, that’s exactly right. It’s ok to use the main idea from other blog posts you find online, but you have to relate it to your life or interests in a way that readers will find compelling and relevant.

    1. Anon

      Very astute, Gorman and AffMaster. This article is going to be very useful to anyone who runs into inspiration problems, but copy and pasting is not the same a getting inspired. Plus your readers can tell when it’s not something you wrote. And you absolutely don’t want to let them down.

  6. Sarah

    My problem isn’t a lack of ideas for posts, it’s a lack of time to write them! With everything else going on in my business finding time to write posts can be near impossible. Anybody got any pointers for this problem?

    1. Dana

      As a fellow mother, I totally hear you on this. But your business is also your responsibility, just as your children are. So you have to make time. Whether that means shorter naps, or having a sitter come for an hour or two, whatever you have to do, find yourself a window. You’ll find that if you allot a time for that, it will actually come as a relief when your window comes! Time away from the kids, the mess, time for you to be yourself and WRITE. :) That’s my advice.

    2. Sarah

      That’s great advice! I think I will definitely try that. It’s always nice to have “me” time, lord knows I don’t get enough of it around this crazy place!

  7. Michelle

    I always go straight to my feeds and read other blogs, or go to CNN or Yahoo and see what’s going on in the world. There’s too much on the web being constantly updated for me to have an excuse of not knowing what to write about!

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