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Pop-Out Optin Box: Increase Optins on Your Site

Sometimes no matter where you put an optin box on your website, it gets lost on the page, and people never notice it, and never join your list. This can be particularly frustrating if you’re looking to get into the email marketing game – so it’s time that you considered a pop-out optin box!

Pop-out boxes are really good because they catch the attention of your users – and you can increase sign up rates exponentially by using one.

Don’t they look spammy?

Some people try to avoid using pop-out boxes because they look a bit spammy. There is some truth in this, but at the same time, if you use a well designed pop-out box that gives away something nice for free, you’ll probably be excused by your users.

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Remember these pop-out boxes don’t open in a new window, they open in the same tab as your site – therefore they don’t look that bad.

You’ll know by now that the key to building a list is to incentivizing that list – giving people something of value in return for giving you their email address. It’s very important that your pop-out focuses on this and makes a big deal of the item you’re offering.

As an example, you should probably make 80% of your optin box covered by information pertaining to this free product – and only a small section, around 20%, should be dedicated to the optin form itself.

Where do I get a pop-out optin box from?

Depending on the platform that your site is built on, you can probably use a simple plugin. For WordPress for example there are various plugins that do this job very easily. It’s just a case of adding a bit of copy for the pop-out, and also your optin box code from your email marketing subscription.

If your website isn’t based on a platform like Joomla or WordPress you may well have to spend a bit of money on having someone code a pop-out box for you. They don’t cost the earth though, and what you spend on having a pop-out box developed for your site will surely be made back once you start taking advantage of your new email marketing list.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some twists on these optin box pop-outs out there. Some people have started to use pop-outs to capture social media signals like +1s and “likes”, instead of email addresses.

You might want to give this some thought if you’re trying to increase social signals surrounding your site – because social signals are now more important than ever in terms of SEO.

Pop-out optin boxes have proven to be very effective when it comes to building a list. If it’s not something you’re happy to have on your site full time then that’s fine – post one up for a few weeks or months until your list has grown to a point where it’s profitable, then remove the pop-out from your website.


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  1. Kj Rocker

    Won`t big G dislike sites with Pop-Out Optin Box?

    1. Steven

      As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t see any drop in rankings when using a popup signup form.

  2. Holly W

    What WP plugin would you suggest for an opt-in popup?

    1. Steven

      Hello Holly!

      You can use the basic popup provided by Aweber, or else you can use Popup Domination or Optin Skin.

  3. George From Seekdefo

    Sorry i did not come for a few days. Does the aweber optin box look attractive too?

    1. Steven

      There are plenty of ways to personalize it. I’m currently using it on Dukeo, if you want to have an idea.

  4. Dale

    building a list and converting leads is about the only thing in this business that is never ending..

    1. Steven

      I have to agree… “The money is in the list” never gets old!

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