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A football team plays one game a week but they practice every single day, sharpening their skills and studying their next opponent so they can plan their attack strategy. The alternative would be to just run onto the field once a week and take their chances, but we all know how well that would work. Without planning your blogging you’re apt to take an equally brutal beating in the Internet Marketplace.

Plan Your Content

You can sit down at your computer every day and wing it, writing whatever comes to mind, but you’ll build a stronger blog if you plan your content. Planning allows you to strengthen your internal linking structure which helps your blog rank better with the search engines.

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Plan new pillar posts that link out to older content, new newsworthy or seasonal content to take care of popular trends, and new evergreen content to strengthen your existing pillar posts.

And don’t forget: Once a month plan to create something truly remarkable that goes viral. In most cases, content that goes viral isn’t just created out of thin air. It takes more time and effort than a standard, everyday blog post. And once it’s created you also need to launch it properly, which also involves careful planning and the help of your blogging network.

Planning your content also helps you maintain a regular publishing schedule. How many times have you faced your computer and couldn’t think of anything to blog about? It happens to everyone. If you have a blogging schedule already mapped out you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, on those days when you’re really in the writing zone you can even write a few extra posts and get ahead.

Plan Your Products

If you haven’t started creating your own products then it’s time to start working it into your business plan. You can promote affiliate products til the cows come home but the best way to establish your authority is to create your own products. And once you’ve started building your authority and credibility, the sky’s the limit.

Start small at first, so you don’t feel like you’re trying to accomplish some impossibly enormous task. Give yourself a month to create your first product and another month to put together a marketing campaign and get it launched. After that, plan a monthly or quarterly product launch.

Plan Your Campaigns

If you plan your campaigns you can release a new product every month or every quarter and each launch will be bigger than the last. Create new products and build campaigns that use previous products as upsells and downsells. You can also build excitement and presell the next product because you’ll already have it in the works.

Big businesses like Nike don’t just decide on a whim that they’re going to release a new product, but they do constantly release new products and each new release, with careful planning, helps build their brand and extend their reach. Your blog is your business and with planning, you can build your brand, too.

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  1. Rekhilesh Adiyeri

    Before start or getting into blogging or any business planning and analyzing is important

    1. Steven

      Planning is not only important. It is absolutely essential if you want to grow your blog to its full potential

  2. Belinda Summers

    Another useful tips I can integrate to our content marketing strategy. Thanks Steven. I do agree that every goal being made is accomplished through proper planning.

    1. Steven

      I’m glad if I am of any help to improve your business Belinda :)

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