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As your business grows you’re going to come across any number of opportunities that will require you to pitch your blog. You may decide you want to sell advertising space and those advertisers are going to want to know why they should pay. Or you might want to get some publicity from a radio station or local news program. When these situations arise you’re going to need to be able to sell your blog, to show people the benefits of visiting or promoting it. Here are nine tips to pitch your blog successfully.

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1/ Develop an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a complete message that can be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator up a few floors. For example, imagine you’re on an elevator with someone and he says, “So. What do you do for a living?” You only have a few seconds, or maybe a minute or two, to answer that question effectively. When you’re pitching your blog you’re going to be asked, “So. What’s your blog about?” or some similar question. Develop several different targeted elevator pitches ahead of time so you’ll be prepared.

2/ Set up contact information

Most of your initial contacts will be made with emails and you should never assume that the person you’re contacting is going to look up there and copy your return email address. Always include contact information at the end of your message, including your email address and telephone number.

3/ Create several “hooks”

Just like elevator messages you should always be prepared with “hooks.” A hook is the reason why a radio station or newspaper should want to interview you. For example, let’s say you have a recipe blog. When the holidays roll around people are always looking for holiday menu ideas and easy-to-prepare meals tips. You’d make a perfect guest for the local Mom Talk radio station or the local newspaper would be doing their readers a favor if they sent them to your blog.

4/ Avoid mass emails and form letters

Every advertiser, every radio station or newspaper, and every TV news station is different and has different needs, just like the audiences you target with your blog. So it’s never a good idea to use a form letter or blanket email when you’re pitching. Always take the time to find the specific person to contact and always write a new email that addresses their specific needs.

5/ Include everything in one email

In most cases you’re going to be contacting an editor and you’re not the only one trying to get their attention. Don’t expect them to click your link to “get more information” because it’s just not going to happen. Include everything you want them to see in the body of your email – no downloads! And keep it brief. Put your elevator pitch and your hook together and wrap it all up with your contact information.

6/ Follow up

Editors expect you to follow up so don’t be shy. If you haven’t heard back from someone after a week, send a follow-up email. Of course, you should always check their website first. Some editors ask that you give them two weeks or a month before you follow up.

7/ Start networking

The best way to pitch your blog is to get out there and start networking. Radio hosts and reporters are always on the lookout for new guests and interesting topics and you never know what might spark their interest. Get out there and meet people, talk up your blog every chance you get, and soon enough your blog will be making headline news.

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