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Pinterest is the fastest growing social site ever in the history of the World Wide Web. Faster even than Facebook. And it’s only going to continue to grow. There are already users with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers and bloggers who are actively working the site are reporting tremendous increases in traffic. If you’re not using Pinterest, you should be. Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

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Get Involved In The Community

All social networks are the same – you’ll see better results if you get out there and get involved in the community. Pinterest is even more community-minded than most and if all you do is pin your own images all day long you might as well just stick with Facebook.

Spend a few minutes every day looking for relevant images in the Popular category and repin 2 or 3 to your own pinboards. You won’t be able to change the source links on those images but you can add your own URL in the image description, and that’s perfectly acceptable, too. While you’re at it, add hashtags (#) and the @username attribute to the description and give a shout-out to a few of your Pinterest followers.

Make It Easy For People To Follow You

Make sure you add a Follow Me On Pinterest button to your blog or website, and include your Pinterest link in your forum signatures and anywhere else you typically post content. Add your link to your Facebook Contact page, your Twitter profile, and any other online profiles you have.

Make It Easy For Your Readers To Pin Your Content

Even if you have no intention of setting up your own Pinterest boards it’s still a good idea to put a Pin It button on your blog so your readers can easily Pin your blog content to their own boards. You already have Twitter, Facebook and who knows what other buttons to make sharing easy. Now add a Pin to Pinterest button.

Forget About Affiliate Links

Pinterest is currently stripping out all affiliate links so don’t even waste your time trying to set it up. You CAN use a URL in your image descriptions, but if it leads to an affiliate offer, Pinterest will strip the link. You may be able to slip one or two by for the time being, but eventually they’ll catch them all.

Instead, focus on setting up great squeeze pages with a strong call to action and use your Pinterest links to send referrals to your list.

Better yet, don’t focus on sales at all for the time being. Instead, focus on building a strong Pinterest community, period. And watch the traffic start poring into your blog!

Follow Your Own Links… What Do Your Visitors See?

Using social media sites to increase your traffic is great, but what are all those people seeing when they follow your links? If you already have traffic coming in from Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or some other site and you’re not seeing any increase in conversions, then you’re probably going to think Pinterest is a big waste of time. However, it may be because the pages those visitors are landing on are loaded with crappy content.

Follow your own links and look at your blog as a new visitor would see it. Is the content relevant to the image you pinned or are you playing a game of bait-and-switch? Is the blog post informative and easy to read? Do you have a strong, clearly-stated call to action?

Membership at Pinterest is currently Invitation Only. You can wait a week or so for your invitation to arrive or you can leave me note with your email address down below in the comments and I’ll send you an invitation so you can get started pinning today.

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  1. Chat Outsourcing

    Pinterest comes into its own as a key proven benefit to SEO. Several people have been saying for months that SEO is going social more proof here then!

    I think the web is also going much more visual as a result of Pinterest as our attention spans get weakened by so many social sites.

    I sill think Pinterest has not sorted out the IP issues and just putting in the Ts and Cs that the Pinner is 100% responsible is not really going to sort that thorny issue. I can see watermarking will become a big thing.

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