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From a marketing standpoint Pinterest is a dream come true. It’s easy to use, there’s no clunky, confusing interface to deal with, and it works on a very basic concept: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Ask any advertising or marketing executive what’s the best way to grab someone’s attention and they’ll tell you it’s all in the images you show your audience. There are so many distractions on the Internet and you have just 2 to 3 seconds to capture the readers’ attention before they click away. Obviously, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it’s much better to use a single image to grab the reader than to try to capture them with a page full of text.

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traffic generation with pinterest

Take a quick spin around Pinterest and you’ll quickly see why it’s become the fastest growing social network on the Web. Even faster than Facebook. Users can spend all day browsing through millions of beautiful images, leaving comments here and there, repinning those images to their own pinboards and, most important for our purposes, visiting the blogs and websites that posted those images.

While Pinterest is very user-friendly and fun to use, it’s also another social network. And like any other social network, it has its own little quirks and foibles. But it’s well worth the effort. Some bloggers are reporting up to a 60% increase in traffic just from pinning a few pictures every day and building their own Pinterest community.

To help you get started and see an immediate bump in traffic, I’ve created a complete guide to Pinterest – How To Get Traffic From Pinterest! In this ebook you’ll find everything you need to know from setting up your account and creating your first pinboards all the way up to how to use Pinterest affiliate and CPC campaigns.

Inside “How To Get Traffic From Pinterest” you’ll find:

  1. Why Pinterest is the fastest growing social network ever in the history of the Web
  2. Why Pinterest is better than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined
  3. How to start seeing Pinterest traffic in as little as one day
  4. How to build a bigger community of loyal followers than you ever though possible
  5. Tips for setting up attention-grabbing pinboards
  6. Tips for getting repins, shares and likes
  7. Where to find the best pinnable images
  8. How to use collaboration on pinboards to increase your traffic
  9. And much, much more….

I’ve even included some of my own secret methods for increasing repins and traffic. Secrets I swore I’d never share with anyone. But here you are. I’m in a great mood today. I’ll show you how I use Pinterest RSS feeds for everything from blog content to link building with Web 2.0 properties and I’ll share my biggest secret of all… How to use Pinterest to amp up your list building.

It’s all here in one easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement guide – How To Get Traffic From Pinterest. You’ll find plenty of screenshots to show you:

  • How to set up your account
  • How to pin images from your blog or upload images from your computer
  • How to include links, tags and keywords in each of your images
  • How to set up attractive and engaging pinboards
  • How to edit pinboards and pins
  • And much, much more…

How To Get Traffic From Pinterest has more than two dozen Special Tips along with examples and explanations to help you every step of the way. Don’t wait for Pinterest to send you an invitation – that could take a week or more. Use my contact form and I’ll send you a Pinterest invitation today so you can follow along with the guide while you set up your new account.

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  1. Becca@tree Removal Melbourne

    It’s amazing how Pinterest took the social media world by storm recently, even though they’ve been around for awhile. Every Interenet marketing guru is using it to boost their visibility and build their email lists. And it’s become THE place to be if you’re marketing to women.

    1. Steven

      I have to agree on this… Pinterest just recently became a trending website however, if you check the website history, it was not started just a few weeks ago.

      The potential of this site in terms of traffic generation is absolutely HUGE, and the best way to get started is probably to purchase my Pinterest Traffic Guide.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    I’ve been messing around with Pinterest a bit. I have a pretty large following on Facebook and Twitter in a few different niches and I’m not seeing near the engagement or response from those same users with Pinterest.

    I may just have to buy your eBook and see if there’s something I’m missing :)

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