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Picking a profitable niche is not as easy as it seems. There are some times when simply picking a subject from the top of your head won’t fit the purpose and you’ll have to do some more research to find your topic. Here is an easy-to-follow 6 Steps Guide To Picking A Niche.

picking a niche

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  1. Reflect on Yourself: The very first step to pick the right niche for your next blog or website is to think about yourself. You need to take some time to define what makes you unique. If needed, take a piece of paper and write down the essential things about yourself: what you like, what are your interests, what are your goals long term or short term, what are your passions. If you are able to pinpoint what really matters to you, you’ll be one step closer to picking the right niche.
  2. Study The Market: Now that you have a list of possible topics, probably ordered by level of interest, you need to check what’s already going on in your niche. Is it saturated or not? Is there a sufficient audience? This step will let you define if there is potential in your niche.
  3. Learn About Competition: Now that you know there is potential in your market, you need to check what your competitors are already doing in the niche, the angles they are taking. If you find an original angle that is left out by the competition, you may be sitting on a golden egg.
  4. Think About Your Motivation: Will you be able to keep a decent posting schedule to keep your audience entertained? I know it always seems do-able when you are just starting, but you need to think long-term. In 6 months, your motivation may not be the same, so you have to be prepared but not putting too much pressure on yourself from the very beginning.
  5. What About Monetization? For this step, you have to think about the methods you will be using to monetize your project. If your goal is to make a little extra-money every month or to work on this project full-time, you need to know how you will actually be making money from it. Will you use Affiliate Programs? Adsense? Direct Advertising Sales?
  6. Choose your niche! If you successfully reached this step and found answers for the previous ones, all you need to do is choosing the niche!
  7. I hope this quick guide will help you pick the niche for your next project! This is not an absolute guide but this definitely helps me every time I want to launch a new project, now is your turn.


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  1. Justin Dupre

    Great tips! Very useful for those who want to explore new niches.

  2. First Website

    Its difficult to market without a niche…clients don’t take you seriously.

    1. Sad Music

      Yes, you need to be selective in this regard. It’s best to select a niche that’s a broad one.

  3. Web Design Inspiration

    A niche is important to develop vertical knowledge level in the niche you choose.

  4. Flash Games

    Gamers know all about niche…thus they are so well segregated

  5. Sarah

    I find it difficult to communicate with people who have a generalistic view about everything but no in-depth knowledge on some specific things!

  6. Web Design Inspiration

    We are planning to work on a niche and your article was well timed to convince us about this strategy.

    1. Steven

      Keep me posted on your success story !

  7. Web Design Studio

    How do you suggest companies change their niche?

    1. Gorman

      Niche is how small companies have managed to grow well and demand better compensation.

    2. Steven

      It’s almost impossible for small companies to compete with the big guys on broad markets. This is why niche marketing is so important.

    3. Michelle

      I’ll agree to that Steven :)

    4. Steven

      Maybe not totally change your niche but rather drift to adjacent markets until your reach your destination point. This way you will not totally lose your consumer base.

  8. Sarah

    In fact, the reason I like this blog is it caters to a niche.

    1. Liz

      I’ll second that Sarah!

  9. First Website

    Finding a niche is also dependent on what you are good at.

    1. Steven

      Yep, you should clearly pick a niche you are familiar with. It will make your life much easier.

  10. John

    yeah…you can’t be a niche if you don’t have some special talent in that space.

    1. Samie

      Agree….without talent there is no niche!

  11. Sad Music

    I am a firm believer of niches!

  12. Flash Games

    Gaming is a crowded niche though!

    1. Sad Music

      …and a truly engaging one as well :)

  13. Dana

    I like the “Think About Your Motivation” part most!

    1. Michelle

      Yup! I like it as well :)

  14. Webdesign Studio

    “Study The Market” That’s another crucial point you made! But any suggestions how you do that?

    1. Steven

      There are plenty of tools you can use to research your market and target audience. I’ll try to do a post about that in the near future.

    2. Webdesign Studio

      Oh! Thanks a lot Steven. That would be great!

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